Interwar Period

Vilna 1920
This conflict occurred between Poland and Lithuania. The League does not act. The city of this conflict is then taken over by Private Polish Army. (Write the name of the crisis and the year)
Upper Silesia 1921
The league arranged for inhabitants of this city to vote between joining Germany and Poland. The vote split between Industrial areas and Rural and split on that line. (Write the name of the crisis and the year)
Aaland Islands 1921
Finland and Sweden wanted the islands that were equal distance between both lands. After close examination, the islands went to Finland and, Sweden accepted this. (Write the name of the crisis and the year)
Corfu 1923
This conflict involved Greece and Albania. While the Italian General visited Greece to resolve border conflicts he was murdered. Italian Moussolini was mad and blamed Greece and invaded their island demanding they repay money to Italy and execute the murderer. Greece didn't know murderer and came to the League. Moussolini influenced the league's decision and got Greece to pay them and then backed out of Corfu (Write the name of the crisis and the year)
Geneva Protocal
Due to the Corfu incident, the league created Geneva Protocal which stated that countries had to accept all league rulings.
But a new leader came to Britain (Conservative) and refused to sign therefore weakening the league
Bulgaria 1925
_______ was invaded by Greece and sought help from the League. The league ordered Greece to exit and pay money to _________, Greece obeyed (Write the name of the crisis and the year)
Locarno Treaties 1925
Germany accepted borders, initially set up during the Treaty of Versailles, with France and Belgium. Britain and Italy agreed to protect France, if Germany tried to invade the new borders. Germany accepted that the Rhineland would be a demilitarized zone. France and Germany agreed to settle disputes always through the League of Nations. Germany joined the League in 1926. At that point, Soviet Union (Russia) was the only major nation still out of the League.
Kellogg-Braind Pact 1928
Overall this document/agreement made people feel safer. The pledge stated that war was not a way to solve disputes. Instead, they would settle arguments through peaceful methods. There was no mention of what would happen if some country that broke the agreements, it also did not continue to push disarmament (Write the name of the crisis and the year)
Dawes Plan 1924
Refinanced reparations payments and gave out US loans to rebuild Germany, Britain, and France
To avoid an economic crisis in Germany, the US lent money to Germany to help Germany pay its reparations (Compensations fro an insult or rude remark) bill.
Abyssinian Crisis 1935
This crisis damaged the league for multiple reasons. It was closer to home. Italy was in the league of nations and Ethiopia bordered on a lot of British colonies. Mussolini claimed ________ was his own after, in 1896, when he tried to invade the country before. The country's emperor then had to ask for help. There were two parts to this crisis. In Phase 1, the league was playing for time. In phase 2, Mussolini's army invaded ______ again. The large countries invaded the small countries. There was no trade and everything was blocked out of Italy.
The League Of Nations
The structure of this group was not well-planned for resolving conflict and the self-interest of its members made it ultimately ineffective in preventing WW2. There were many other causes to the downfall of this group in the 1930's.
Economic Recovery 1928
The Dawes Plan of 1924 helped sort out Germany's economic problems and got Britain and France moving again. It also helped reduce the tension. League encouraged trading links between the countries which made them less prone to fight.