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History and Theory of Thai Massage

...are laid upon the ground and proceed to be trampled upon by another

When a person becomes ill in Siam, they...

Nuad Boran means?

Ancient Traditional Massage

Historical beginning of Thai massage?

about 2,500 years ago

founding father of Traditional Thai Massage?

Gee Vahkkah Komara Bakkah (Jīvaka Komārabhacca)

The name, Jivaka, means?

"He is alive!"

How was Thai massage spread throughout South East Asia

Buddhist monks

Sen Sib =

Ten Lines of "life-force-energy"

Sen is?

is analogous to Sanskrit word "prana" (not exactly)

Therapy focuses on?

releasing the blocked energy along these lines so Sen can flow freely, thereby restoring balance, health, and harmony in the body and mind.

Thai massage is sometimes called (nickname)?

"Lazy Man's Yoga"

Thai Hot Herbal Ball=

Hot herbal compresses for pain relief

Intention is to:

manipulate the energy lines to diminish tension, stimulate metabolism and create a feeling of well-being and vitality

A complete massage can take up to _____ hours

two, or even more.

Southern Style

Wat Pho temple in Bangkok
Known for "tendon-plucking technique"

Northern style

Old Medicine Hospital in Chiang Mai
Known for luxurious stretching

Thai Massage is a loving...

... gesture from one human being to another.

Technique focuses on greathing and...


Principles of Thai Massage 3:

Dantien = center of gravity and seat of internal energy, located 2 thumbs below navel


Three Principles of Thai Massage
They must be in this order:
1. Safe
2. Polite
3. Effective


The Thai people pride themselves on being a society of tolerance of others

Preparing for Thai Massage

Remove shoes/socks
Drink warm herbal tea
Feet washing

Preparing for Thai Massage

Thanking Teachers/pray in your own faith
Yogi exercises (Qi Gong)

Preparing for Thai Massage

Ask permission to touch top of client's hea

Contraindications: pregnancy

Do not massage the sacrum during 1st
trimester of pregnancy

Contraindications: pregnancy and menstruation

Massage gently during pregnancy and menstruation

Contraindications, general:

When in doubt, don't do it!

Greeting salutation and leave taking valediction

Sawatdee Khaa! for women, and Sawatdee Krup! for men

The Cobra: Full Back Stretching CAUTION:

This is a stretch that should only extend the thoracic spine, do not extend the lumbar spine or allow the recipient to hyperextend their cervical spine!

The Cobra: Full Back Stretching precautions:

If there is any discomfort whatsoever, for any reason, at any time, abort and omit this technique. If, on the other hand, they want more, change to a more mechanically advantageous position, or just repeat once or twice more!

The Cobra: Full Back Stretching

If in doubt, don't do it!

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