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Plasma Rifle
are directed energy weapons that use superheated ionized gas called Plasma instead of projectile ammunition
a race of aerial, intelligent, insectoid warriors which make up part of the unified conglomerate races of the Covenant
Honor Guard Ultra
This rank is equal to the rank of Brute Honor Guard Captain. They are part of a special unit called the Light of Sanghelios
Covenant command rank associated primarily with the Sangheili
Tough Luck Skull
Enemies always berserk, always dive, but never flee. Location Tsavo Highway
Spec Ops Commander Elite
a high Covenant Sangheili position that commands all Special Operations forces
Brute Chieftain
also known as the Alpha Jiralhanae, is a Covenant Chieftain rank for the Jiralhanae race. It is the highest in the Jiralhanae hierarchy in social aspects and military rank
equipment type is similar in appearance to the Radar Jammer and Power Drain and makes its debut in Halo 3. It functions in a similar manner to a flashbang grenade, blinding foes and allies alike
Ascetic Armor
one of many Armor Permutations employed by Sangheili warriors in battle. Like all Sanghelli Combat Harnesses, it is similar in function and form to the UNSC MJOLNIR Armor, and features a dynamic recharging Energy Shield
Sniper Rifle
extremely accurate anti-personnel weapon system used by the UNSC
awarded when the player kills four opponents, each being killed within four seconds of the other
a smaller version of the Scarab walker, with only one rotating turret which hosts a single large cannon. It does not however share the Scarabs spiked "feet", Its four legs may allow it to kneel down or climb over obstacles, like its larger cousin
Honor Guard Wraith
a Covenant vehicle and it is a more ornamental version of the standard Wraith, similar to the "Flame Decal Warthog". The only difference it has from the regular wraith is its appearance is different, as it has a paint scheme that appears similar to the Halo 2 Sangheili Honor Guard armor hence the name
a Covenant aircraft seen in Halo Wars. It is primarily designed for engaging enemy air units and could be the closest Covenant unit to be an equivalent to the UNSC Hawk. It fires purple rounds from its Heavy Needler turret at a very fast rate. When upgraded, it can drain energy from hostile aircraft using a stasis field, making them crash to the ground, and regenerating itself. Also, once it has been researched, it can make drained aircraft explode with the Stasis Bomb, causing large AOE damage
a United Nations Space Command VTOL aerial support aerodyne
a prototype UNSC plasma artillery unit that was entering service in 2531
a Human Anti-Vehicle/Fortification system in use by the UNSC Marine Corps
one of the UNSC's most powerful units. Basically a highly armed flying assault tank packed to the brim with weapons
a Covenant infantry and logistical transport craft
Brute Prowler
a Covenant Loyalist ground vehicle used by the Jiralhanae, featured in Halo 3. It is the Brute equivalent of the Human Warthog and the Covenant Spectre
the Covenant's main heavy assault vehicle for ground engagements
Covenant Destroyer
a warship classification within the Covenant Navy
Covenant Assault Carrier
a Covenant capital ship classification of the Covenant Navy
Covenant Boarding Craft
mostly used to board and steal information from UNSC vehicles
the Covenant's main space-based attack fighter, the Seraph has been known to be utilized as an air superiority fighter, but are clumsy and sluggish within an atmosphere, indicating that such a capability is only a secondary role and that the Banshee fills the gap left by the Seraph's sluggish maneuvering and less than aerodynamic design while in an atmosphere