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Review for final in Configuring Windows 7

_____ systems have more than one physical CPU


A _____ is a collection of computers and users that are identified by a common security database.


The _____ moves desktop settings and applications from one computer to another.

User State Migration Tool (USMT)

The _____ installation method is the least suitable for a large volume of computers.

DVD Boot

A _____ installation requires computers to be booted into Windows PE from removable storage and then run the Windows 7 installation from a distribution share.

Distribution Share

Most Windows 7 installation are _____ installations.


_____ is a graphical utility suitable for migrating user settings and files from one computer at a time.

Windows Easy Transfer

An _____ installation requires you to manually start and perform the installation.


Name the versions of Windows 7

Windows 7 Professional, Windows 7 Ultimate, Windows 7 Enterprise

Which version of Windows 7 is only available to customers who purchase Software Assurance (SA) from Microsoft?

Windows 7 Enterprise

Which version of Windows 7 includes BitLocker Drive Encryption?

Windows 7 Ultimate & Windows 7 Enterprise

What are the advantages of Virtualization Software?

Faster access to other operating systems, multiple virtual machines can be run at the same time, snapshots and undo disks

What cannot be migrated by Windows Easy Transfer?

User Applications

_____ is a command-line tool for managing WIM images


_____ is a limited and non-GUI version of Windows based on Windows 7 technologies that can be used for installing, troubleshooting, and repairing Windows 7

Windows PE

_____ is used to perform offline servicing of WIM images

Deployment Image Servicing and Management (DISM)

In a corporate environment the most common use for Sysprep is preparing workstations to capture an image. This process is known as _____


If you do not specify an answer file, then sysprep will search for _____ to use as an answer file.


_____ is included as part of the WAIK to create, modify, and apply workstation images.


Images can be mounted to a folder in a _____ partition for modification.


When ImageX is combined with _____, you can completely automate the deployment process to include partitioning and formatting hard drives.

Windows Deployment Services (WDS)

When you are using ImageX to deploy images with operating systems and applications, you must boot using _____ and connect to the distribution share holding the image file.


The Group Policy settings used by Windows 7 are contained in a ______

Group Policy Object

The _____ for a Windows 7 migration project defines which computers should be upgraded to Windows 7.


An _____ retains all of the existing computer settings possible including user files, applications, and application settings.


_____ is an updated version of the Remove Installation Services (RIS) found in Windows 2000 Server and Windows Server 2003


Windows 7 requires _____ to manage and communicate with hardware components.

Device Drivers

You can eliminate an error generated by Applications that are not designed for Windows 7 and which require administrative privileges by using the _____

Application Compatibility Toolkit

The _____ zone includes all Internet websites that are not specifically assigned to another zone.


The _____ is designed to make it easy for home users to adjust their legacy application to work with Windows 7 without having to know a lot about compatibility settings.

Program Compatibility Assistant

Windows 7 Enterprise, Ultimate, and Professional Editions include support for _____, which installs a second virtual operating system that runs as the same time as Windows 7

XP Mode

The _____ is a free download from Microsoft, a lifecycle management tool for the applications required by a company, and can deploy Windows 7 as fast a possible.

Microsoft Application Compatibility Toolkit v. 5.5

A basic disk can have its space organized into one or more defined areas of storage called _____


Most of the partition attributes are stored in a data table that is part of the MBR or GPT specification. This table is commonly called the _____

Partition Table

Each primary partition that is formatted with a file system can be represented in the operating system by a _____

Drive letter

On dynamic disks, the blocks of space are called _____ instead of partitions.


A _____ volume exists on just a single dynamic disk


A _____ dynamic volume can only be created with three or more dynamic disks.


Until a new disk is initialized, its status is reported as _____ and the disk cannot be used to store data.


The Disk Management Console will report the status of the disk as a _____ when it recognizes that the disk does not belong to that computer.

Foreign Disk

You must right-click the disk in the graphical portion of Disk Management and select _____ from the pop-up menu to initiate the import process

Import Foreign Disk

Dynamic volumes and basic disk partitions can be deleted using the _____ command-line utility


True or False: IPX is the most popular networking protocol in the world today


What is the decimal value of the following binary number: 10110010


The _____ location type is used when the computer is connected in an untrusted public location such as an airport.

Public Network

The _____ location type is used in corporate environments when your computer is part of a domain network

Domain Network

_____ define how much data can be sent and the format of the data as it crosses the network


_____ is an updated version of TCP/IPv4 with a larger address space and additional features


The most common use for _____ is resolved host names to IP addresses


_____ is an automated mechanism used to assign IP addresses, subnet masks, default gateways, DNS servers, WINS servers, and other IP configuration information to network devices


If Windows 7 is configured to use dynamic IP configuration and is unable to contact a DHCP server, the default action is to use an _____ address


The two most common mechanisms for share an IP address are a router or _____


The _____ in Windows 7 allows you to connect two separate networks, with Windows 7 acting as a bridge between them.

Network Bridge

The ACL is a collection of _____ that identify a specific security identified (that is, who) can perform a given action (that is, what) to a file or folder

Access Control Entries (ACE)

_____ NTFS Permissions exists to fine-tune access and control for files and folders


The most basic level of data security in Windows 7 is _____ permissions.


_____ is the process of taking data and making it unreadable.


A _____ encryption algorithm uses the same key to encrypt data and decrypt data


An _____ encryption algorithm uses two keys to encrypt and decrypt data


The Run As feature has been modified in Windows 7 to now be known as the _____ option

Run As Administrator Option

_____ simplifies folder and file sharing by controlled both NTFS permissions and share permissions at the same time

"Share With" method

Which sharing method should you use if you want to configure share and NTFS permissions for a user in a single process?

Share With

A user is given Read permission to a file stored on a NTFS formatted volume. The file is then copied to a folder on the same NTFS formatted volume which the user has been given Full Control permission to that folder. When the user logs onto the computer holding the file and accesses its new location via a drive letter, what is the user's effective permissions to the file?

Full Control

A user is given Read permission to a file stored on a NTFS formatted volume. The file is then moved to a folder on the same NTFS formatted volume where the user has been given Modify permission to that folder. When the user logs onto the computer holding the file and accesses its new location via a drive letter, what is the user's effective permission to the file?


A user is given Read permission to a file stored on a NTFS formatted volume. The file is then moved to a different folder on a different NTFS formatted volume where the user has been given Full Control permission to that folder. When the user logs onto the computer holding the file and accesses its new location via a drive letter, what its he user's effective permission to the file?

Full Control

A user has been granted Read permission to a NTFS folder. It is discovered that they can update a text file in the folder even though they have not been given explicit permission to do so. The reason for this is most likely because:

The user is the owner of the file

To address the risks to data stored on workstations and laptops, _____ is available on Windows 7

BitLocker Drive Encryption

A _____ is part of the motherboard in your computer and is used to store encryption keys and certificates


_____ allows clients to access resources local to the server as if the client was on the same network as the server

Remote Access

A secure point-to-point connection can be created using _____ technology


_____ is a set of standardized security protocols for encrypting and authenticating information


_____ is used to encrypt and authenticate network traffic


_____ is a file system that enforces requirements for client health before allowing client computers to connect to the network


_____ allows remote users to connect to a corporate network securely through the internet without using a VPN


______ encrypts user data in removable storage devices, including USB flash drives and portable disk drives

BitLocker to Go

_____ allows you to use a flash memory in a USB flash drive to boost Windows 7 performance

Windows ReadyBoost

A _____ occurs when a limitation in a single computer system component slows down the entire system


_____ bottleneck occurs when Windows 7 and running applications want to read and write information to the physical disk in the system faster than the disk can manage


Most _____ bottlenecks occur when the applications you are running require more memory than is physically available on the computer


A _____ bottleneck occurs when there is too much work for a processor to do


For performance counters, you can configure _____ instead of logging to disk


To process the data in the log file, you specify rules. A rule is a _____ file that contains instructions specifying how the data is to be processed


_____ provides an overview of the current state of a computer

Task Manager

Windows 7 includes the _____ to provide an objective measure of system performance

Windows Experience Index

The Windows Experience Index base score is the overall ranking of your system. The ranking is from 1 to _____ (the best possible)


_____ monitors processes to ensure that they do not access unauthorized memory spaces, which is done by various types of malware such as viruses, to take control of systems.


You have a computer running Windows 7 Home Premium. You need to customize which utilities and programs are processed at startup for the computer. What should you do?

Run msconfig

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