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medical ethics ch 1-3


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A health care practitioner completes a course in law and ethics what is 1 of the most important reasons medical proffessionals should be familiar with this field of study
To help you avoid legal entanglements that can threaten your ability to earn a living as a successful health care practitioner.
surgeons are acutely aware that they are practicing their skills in a litigious society what is the meaning of the word litigiious
prone to engage in lawsuits
a pt is suing his physician for medical malpractice following the wrongful amputation of a limb what is the legal term for pt who initiates the lawsuit
a judge makes a decision in a malpractice suit that becomes a precedent whats the other word that means precedent
case law
states determine that laws apply specifically to help practitioners specifically working in the medical field what the term for those laws
medical practice acts
the physician draws upon the influences of family culture and society to determine the basic for ethical conduct in the workplace what has the physician developed
moral values
1 of the earliest code of ethics values was written by the babalonians 2250 bce who was the author of this code of ethics
a physician who is a member of the AMA is accused of unethical conduct by fellow members what is a recourse for this physician group
expell the physician from the group
A physician debates the issues related to bioethics with members of the ethics commity what would be a topic related to bioethics
fetal tissue research
many health care professionals are members of professional organization what do professional organizations govern to create their members
code of ethics
what is the purpose of formalized codes in the healthcare profession
to increase the level of competence and standards of care within the profession
a nurse approaching a new pt states I'm Vicki and I will be taking care of you today of which of the 3 C's most vital to the professional success of health care practitioners is this an example
what is an ex of a health care practitioner displaying compassion for a pt
a physician sitting down with pt adressing all of her concerns
a nurse take a inservice class to learn how to properly operate new equipment in the surg unit which type of skill is this nurse perfecting
a physician tactfully explains to a nurse why it is important not to carry on a loud conversation outside a pt hospital rm what professional skill is this person displaying
people skills
in 2008 a us supreme court decision held that makers of medical devices are immmune from liability from personal injuries as long as what organization has approved the device before it hits the market
what is not inacted by government
rules of etiquette
whats the synonym for good maners
etiquette courtesy
which of the following theorists believe that human behavior is based on simple specific human needs that must be met in a specific order
abraham maslow
according to Kohlberg in what state of moral development do individuals explore how to balance individual rights and a fair society for all
post-conventional morality stage 1
According to MacIntyres theory a virtue ethics what principle helps a decision maker arrive at a decision
loyalty to the role we play
the physician witnesses the nurse diagnosing a medical problem with a pt which of the 7 principles of healthcare ethics did she violate
role of fidelity
each states medical practice acts define unprofessional conduct for medical professionals what is an example of this misconduct
Failure to recognize or act on common symptoms
A physicians license can be revoke for a conviction of a felony, unprofessional conduct, or personal or professional incompacity what is considered unprofessional conduct
falsifying records
most medical care is provided in a tertiary care settings what is an ex of a tertiary care setting
trauma center
drs of medicine MDs practice allopatheic medicine what is the emphasis of this type of medicine
intervention in the form of drugs and/or surgery to alleviate symptoms
a student in a program to obtain a MD degree needs how many years of education post high school to complete
a physician who is moving to another state to practice medicine is asking the new health care facility to accept his old license to practice what is the term used
administrator of a hospital instructs the staff on measures to take to maintain joint commission accredidation what is a requirement
must undergo an on-site survey by a TJC survey team every three years
the health care provider has explained to the staff members about the accredidation process who may be accreditied
hospital or clinic
an insurance co agrees to pay 80 % of the cost of treatment for a pt what is the term for this managed care practice
traditional beeper service health ins co now incorporate elements of managed care into their plans what is the biggest impact of 3rd party payers
rising health care costs
a managed health care plan uses a set advance payment to providers based on the calculated costs of the medical care of a specific population of subscribers what is the official term for this type of payment
a pediatrician and a endocrinologist decide to practice individually but agree to share office space and employees what is this arangment called
a physician employs a PA to help perform duties in a med office under what doctorine is the physician legally responsible for any negligenet act the PA may perform
respondient superior
a physician is undergoing the process of license revokation due to a pts claim that she falsely misrepresented special powers to cure an ailment that lead to a worsening of the condition what is true of the revoking process
its subject to appeal
fraud may in some states be considered unprofessional conduct or may be seperately stated as grounds for revoking a physicians license what is an ex of fraud
falsifying a medical diploma
a pt in a managed care insurance system pays 500 annually for the plan what is the term for this payment
what type of health maintenance organization contracts with independent groups of physicians to provide coordinated care for a large number of pts for a fixed coordinated fee
Group model HMO'S