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as 120 animal ethics dr. shapiro


who enforces the AWA?

cats and dogs

when the AWA first became law, which animals were its main concern?

Animal & Plant Health Inspection Service

APHIS stands for

REAC (Regulatory Enforcement of Animal Care)

_____ is the unit of APHIS that directly monitors animal care facilities through unnanounced visits for compliance with the regulations

birds, rats, mice

which animals are excluded in the AWA

water buffalo

according to the USDA which one of the following is not a domestic farm animal? (cow, sheep, goat, pig, horse, llama or water buffalo)

attending vet

who determines the frequency, method, and duration of exercise required for dogs in research facilities, for dealer, and for exhibitors?

P.E. (Primary Enclosure)

whenshipping dogs and cats, food and water instructions must be attached to each _____


when shipping dogs and cats, water must be given at least every _____ hours


when transporting animals, the accompanying person must check on the animals at least every _____ hours to ensure proper air, temp, etc...

AWA, NIH guide, Ag Guide

which 3 documents should farm animal facilities be familiar with in order to stay in compliance with standards for ag production, and thus partially qualify for accreditation?


_____is the major US government agency funding lab animal research


is the branch of the NIH responsible for the monitoring of compliance to standards of humane treatment of research animals


1/4 of the animals under _____ grants involve field studies of free living wild animals

Dept of Health

in Cali, the regulation of research facilities falls under _____

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