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Soc. 255 Test 1

Programmatic Welfare
A capitalist state that devotes a portion of its gross national product, through taxation, to the solution of certain social problems without changing the basic nature of the economy. This is the U.S.
Redistribution Welfare
The primary aim is the redistribution of wealth and resources
Residual Welfare
The belief that the government should provide a safety net of services and benefits for all citizens and that no one should have to go without food, clothing, and medical care but that our economic system is basically sound and that the institutions of family, economy, and religion ,with a little help from government, should be able to meet the needs of all citizens
Charity Organization Society
Came from England in 1877. It stressed individual factors, in the development of poverty.
Social Settlement
Came to the United States from England in the 1880's. It focused on environmental factors in poverty and social aspects of human problems.
Hull House
Founded by friendly visitor Jane Addams, created in a poor immigrant neighborhood in 1889. It was not the First American Settlement. Offered opportunities to immigrants that they were not provided anywhere else.
Federal Social Welfare
Spawn from the Great Depression and high unemployment rates. Mostly led by president F.D.R, who also developed social security and the "New Deal." Security of Labor Francis Perkins also had a influential role.
Post Depression Policies
Social Security that dealt with financial needs of the elderly. Dependent children and individuals with physical disabilities. led by social worker HARRY HOPKINS! also the public assistance part of SS.
When a person is unable to preform his or her roles in an independent manner, whether the problem is on the individual, or the institutional level.
When a person adequately preforms all the rules connected with a given status, and has role partners who do the same.
Institutional conceptions
Nearly everyone will need help achieving and maintaining interdependence and at the level of this help needs to be greater than the forms of basic institutions can provide.
Residual Conception
Social welfare is not and institution, but and emergency back up system.
Reform, environmental and society hold responsibility, public help, structural institutions
Status quo, traditional, individuals hold responsibility, private help, temporary safety net
Earlier traditions