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Seoul Grand Park


nephew, niece


to take sb along, pick sb up (zabrac kogos ze soba)

데리고 가다

kindergarten, przedszkole


child, kid, youngster

playfulness (wesolosc, zartobliwosc), joke, trick


hardship (trud), trouble


to take care of, keep, take charge of (zajac sie kims, zaopiekowac)


even without you saying so, as a matter of fact (w istocie, wlasciwie)

그렇지 않아도

to be planning to, thinking of

-(으)ㄹ까 하다

to put on, wear rings or glasses


tie, krawat


to tie, wear (belt, neckties, scarves)


to carry, hold a bag

가방을 들다

to bring a person, przyprowadzic kogos

데리고 오다

road, street, way

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