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when cells break down food to release energy

cellular respiration

when cells break down food to release energy without using oxygen
example: yeast


type of sugar that is broken down during respiration


cellular respiration takes place in this organelle


What are the raw materials needed for photosynthesis?

raw materials: carbon dioxide and water

What are the the products of photosynthesis?

products: sugar and oxygen

when a cell captures energy in sunlight and uses it to make food.


an organism that makes its own food


an organism that cannot make its own food.


green pigment that captures sunlight


small openings on a leaf that let oxygen and carbon dioxide enter and leave


The photosynthesis equation

photosynthesis takes place in this organelle


how oxygen and carbon dioxide cross the cell membrane


how water crosses the cell membrane


What are the raw materials needed for cellular respiration?

raw materials: sugar, oxygen

What are the the products of cellular respiration?

products: carbon dioxide and water

The cellular respiration equation

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