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Information technology

any computer based tool that people use to work with info and support the info and information processing needs of an organization

management information systems

the function that plans for, develops, implements, and maintains IT software, hardware, and applications that people use to support goals of an organization


raw facts that describe the characteristics of an event.


data converted into a meaningful and useful context

four common info sharing cultures

information functional, information sharing, information inquiring, information discovery

information functional

employees use info to show power over others, this causes lower people to need managements input all the time

information sharing

employees across departments trust each other to use info, improving performance

information inquiring

employees across departments search for info to better align themselves with current trends and new directions

information discovery

employees across departments are open to new insights about crisis and radical changes and seek ways to create competitive advantages

chief info officer

responsible for overseeing all uses of information technology and ensuring the strategies alignment of IT with business goals and objectives. reports to CEO

Chief tech officer

responsible for ensuring the speed, accuracy, reliability of an organization's technology. Direct responsibility for ensuring efficiency of IT systems

Chief security officer

ensures security of IT systems and developing strategies and IT safeguards against hackers and viruses

chief privacy officer

ensures ethical and legal use of info. many are lawyers

chief knowledge officer

responsible for collecting, maintaining and distributing the organizations knowledge. Designs programs to make reusing knowledge easier for people. Very helpful to new employees or less experienced employees

security in IT

protects a company's assets and intellectual capital

information security

the protection of info from intentional or accidental misuse by people inside and outside an organization

core competency

an organization's key strength, what it does better than its competitors

core competency strategy

an organization focuses on what it does best and forms alliances with other specialist organizations to help each other in different aspects

information partnership

when 2 or more organizations integrate their IT systems, providing customers with the best of what each can offer.

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