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To change the thoughts from irrational to rational- 2 parts; cognitive and behavioural

Part 1: Cognitive

-The client will be asked directly about their thoughts and beliefs
-Client may also be given a diary to record thoughts and beliefs
The therapist would look out for what events made them have bad thoughts.

Part 2: Behavioural

Get the client to DO stuff
1. Reality testing - do experiments to test their beliefs e.g. 'no one will speak to me' - make them start 3 conversations
2. Given behaviours to do - e.g. thought stopping and positive thoughts
These would teach them about how events lead to thoughts and outcomes etc.

Strengths Of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

-It has been used for a range of mental disorders
-In research it can be used as an effective treatment

Weaknesses Of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

-Could be over prescribed because the treatment focuses of thoughts; things are more complex than they seem
-Blames all mental disorders on thoughts; could blame the patient

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