10 terms

Because of Mr. Terupt

1. Book Cover of A Wrinkle in Time
This is important for Jessica because books comfort her and she likes happy endings and which in this case, this book has one. It so happens that Mr. Terupt likes books with happy ending as well.
2. Bathroom Pass
This is important because on the first day of school one of Mr. Terupts students, Peter, kept going to the bathroom to get out of class. Mr. Terupt eventually called Peter out and said "I'm going to have to call you Mr. Peebody or better yet Peter the Pee-er." This helped Peter and Mr. Terupt establish a relationship because Peter thought Mr. Terupt was a funny guy and Peter was too.
3. Dollar Words
A dollar word is a game that Mr. Terupts class played. The object of the game was to get a word which its letters equal 100. J would equal tun because J is the tenth letter in the alphabet.
An example of a dollar word would be excellent.

E=5 X=24 C=3 E=5 L=12 L=12 E=5 N=14 T=20
Total amount equals 100.

One person that was extremely good at this game was Luke. (Another one of Mr. Terupt's students.
4. Dead Plant
Mr. Terupts class did a plant experiment with plants and chemicals. Two of Mr. Terupts students, Luke and Jeffrey, ended up with theirs exploding. This is a big part of the story because this showed the kids that they had a lot of freedom because Mr. Terupt took the blame when the principal found out. Sometimes a lot of freedom isn't good like in this case the students freedom led to Mr. Terupt's injury.
5. Paper Chain
This paper chain is the event that leads up to Mr. Terupt's accident. This is because when the paper chain hit the floor from hanging from the ceiling the children got to chose what they did for one whole school day. The kids chose to go outside and play in the snow; this also led to Mr. Terupt's accident.
6. Ice-Ball
Mr. Terupt got hit with an ice ball by Peter, one of his students by accident. This ice ball hit Mr. Terupt in the head, which put him in a coma.
7. Hospital
This is important to the story because Mr. Terupt was in the hospital for a majority of the story because he was in a coma.
8. Wrestling Head Gear
This is important to the story because one of the reasons Mr. Terupt got put in his coma is because he wrestled when he was younger and had some concussions. This increased the chances of more head injuries.

Fun Fact: The author of this book, Rob Buyea, was a wrestler when he was younger.
9. A Cup of Water
This cup of water represents how the students in Mr. Terupt's class cried a lot while he was in the hospital still in his coma.
10. Loop
A loop represents how the next school year is going to work. A loop is when the students and teacher go to the next grade together. Everyone was happy about that.