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a population is the ______ level at which evolution can occur


inherited characteristics can effect an individuals ______ success


natural selection only becomes clear when an entire population is ______ over time


a key concept in understanding the evolution of populations is the _____

gene pool

consists of all the alleles (alternative forms of genes) in all the individuals that make up a population

gene pool

gene pools as the reservoir from which the next generation draws its ____


is evolution on the smallest scale generation-to-generation change in the frequencies of alleles within a population


in contrast to microevolution populations that dont undergo change to their gene pools are not presently _____


the frequency of alleles in that gene pool are constant over time are know as

Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium

populations rarely remain in _______ for a long in nature

Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium

hardy weinberg equilibrium is useful because it provides a "______" baseline that makes it possible to recognize when a gene pool changes

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