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THE PACT Chapter 2 questions- Rhazi Fatine


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What does Sam always remember doing?
Sam always remember asking questions.
What could his mom not do? did she graduate from high school?
She couldn't read, she didn't graduate from high school.
What did Sam's father do?
He worked at the Newark airport fueling airplanes.
What did Sam's mom do with his hair after it was first cut? why did she do this?
She kept it in the bible, so God protect him.
What did Sam's mom wake up at 4 am to do?
She wok up at 4am to clean the neighborhood from empty soda, candy's wrappers and other trash.
How does Sam describe his household growing up?
His house at time felt like a gunpowder keg and the least little spark would cause it blow.
How old was Sam when his parents divorced? How did it affect him? How did it affect him? What did he have to do?
He was 11 years old, he felt abandoned and wondered what are they going to do? and how are they going to make it without his dad. He has to be responsible for helping his mom to take care of the household.
How many brothers and sisters did Sam have?
He has five brothers and sisters : Carlton, Andre, Kenny Rosalene, Fellease.
What happened to Kenny? To Rosalene? To Fellease?
Kenny : whene his wife Ruthie died, he was depressed. He drunk all the time and became belligerent and mean to award your mom.
Rosalene: She suffered from mental problem that made her paranoid and compulsive.
Fellease: she changed her name to Fenice. She was dropped out of school, married divorced and married again. she followed her new husband to his US Army assignment in Hawaii, where she returned to school and had diploma. She returned home at Newark, she got a job as an functional but she was drug addict.
What happened one day when Sam was with Andre?
The slab crashed down on his ked.
What drug did many people become addicted to or sell? What was the result?
The crack was the drug that many people become addicted to, or sell it. the result was like war in the street.
What sport did Sam play with his childhood friend, Noody?
They played basketball. And sponge ball.
describe the backdrop (neighborhood and its surroundings)of Sam?
Sam lived in neighborhood full of crime, steeling cars from boys that were no more than his age. He lived under the sounds of gun shots and screeching cars late at night and police cars sirens.
How do you think it affected the neighborhood's occupants?
For the occupants of the neighborhood it becomes normal to see this crimes and see how the crack destroy them life. they tough that is the price to pay for being poor.
From an early age, Sam felt the pressure to ---------, or feel like a chump and risk being isolated.
From an early age, Sam felt the pressure to participate, or feel like a chump and risk being isolated.
From an early age, Sam felt the pressure to do what the others boys were doing, or feel like a chimp and risk being isolated.
What did decide to steal?
He decide to steal ice cream.
what are the four things that friendship can do, according to Sam?
What was Sam first arrested for at age 13?
He was arrested for shoplifting. His friend set him up, he ask him to grab a vacuum cleaner for him, he said that he paid for it.
What did Reggie do for Sam, both literally and figuratively?
Reggie makes him feel strong and kept him from the bad gays.
When did Sam begin to slip up?
he begin to slip up at age of fifteen.
According to Sam, How did students view other students who did well?
According to Sam, kids who did well in school were considered nerds.
What did Sam's sixth grade teacher, Ms. Schimmel, suggest that he do? Do you think Sam's life would have turned out differently had he not University High?
Ms. Schimmel suggest that he take an examination to apply for magnet program at University High.
I think that it was the best thing in his life because if he had been hanging out with his friends another year, he must be influenced in the bad way.