MXW - Computer Chapter 5

You can edit the registry and create a restore point while in Safe Mode
You can use the ____ utility to zero in on the service or other program that is slowing down startup
If an application is listed as ____________________ in the Task Manager Applications tab, you can end it by selecting it and clicking the End Task button at the bottom of the window.
Not Responding
The indexing service of Windows indexer has a high priority and take precedence over other programs
You can use the ____ to find information about the installed processor and its speed, how much RAM is installed, and free space on the hard drive
System Information Utility
Device Manager reads data from the ____ key to build the information it displays about hardware configurations.
If a system is giving repeated startup errors or you have just removed several programs, you might want to search through ____ for processes left there by uninstalled or corrupted software that might be giving startup problems
Registry keys
____, under Windows Vista, is a summary index designed to measure the overall performance of a system.
Windows Experience index
Editing the registry can be dangerous, so do this with caution and be sure to back up first
You can use the ____ utility to zero in on the service or other program that is slowing down startup.
To stop a process using Task Manager, select the process and click ____.
End Process
The ____ tab in Task Manager lets you monitor network activity and bandwidth used.
Most programs written for Windows have a(n) ____ routine which can be accessed from the Vista Programs and Features applet in the Control Panel, the XP Add Remove Programs applet in the Control Panel, or a utility in the All Programs menu.
In a console, the individual tools are called ____.
A console is saved in a file with an ____ file extension.
____ is a Windows utility that can be used to build your own customized console windows
Microsoft Management Console
For a bare-bones Vista system, the ____________________ folder will be the only item listed in the Task Scheduler Library on the left.
The ____ tab of Task Manager lists system services and other processes associated with applications, together with how much CPU time and memory the process uses.
A(n) ____________________ is caused when an application does not properly release memory allocated to it that it no longer needs and continually requests more memory than it needs
Memory Leak
To remove a program from the All Programs menu, right-click it and select ____________________ from the shortcut menu.
You can use the ____ to find out what processes are launched at startup and to temporarily disable a process from loading.
System Configuration Utility
The ____ tab in Task Manager shows all users currently logged on the system
To find out if programs and services are slowing down Windows startup, boot the system in ____ and watch to see if performance improves.
Safe Mode
A(n) ____ is a single window that contains one or more administrative tools such as Device Manager or Disk Management.
To make sure that all hardware or software installed on the system is compatible with Windows Vista, use the ____.
Vista Upgrade Advisor
If you notice that performance slows after a system has been up and running without a restart for some time, suspect a memory leak.
The ____________________ records events based on audit policies, which an administrator sets to monitor user activity such as successful or unsuccessful attempts to access a file or log on to the system.
Security Log
If your desktop locks up, you can use ____ to refresh it.
Task Manager
The ____ box can protect your system against users making unauthorized changes and against malware installing itself without your knowledge.
The ____ is responsible for maintaining an index of files and folders on a hard drive to speed up Windows searches.
Windows Indexer
The ____ tab in Task Manager provides details about how a program uses system resources
Windows Vista tracks issues that are interfering with performance