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Vocabulary Workshop

(adj.) abject

degraded, miserable

(n.) agnostic

skeptic, doubter

(adj.) agnostic


(n.) complicity

involvement in wrongdoing, connivance

(n.) derelict

someone or something that is abandoned or neglected

(adj.) derelict

neglectful of duty, delinquent

(n.) diatribe

a bitter and prolonged verbal attack, tirade

(n.) effigy

a crude image of a despised person, likeness

(n.) indictment

the act of accusing, accusation

(adj.) indubitable

certain, not to be doubted or denied, unquestionable

(adj.) intermittent

stopping and beginning again, spasmodic

(adj.) moot

open to discussion and debate, debatable

(v.) moot

to bring up for discussion, broach

(n.) moot

a hypothetical law case argued by students

(n.) motif

a principal idea

(n.) neophyte

novice, rookie

(n.) perspicacity

keening in observing and understanding, acuity

(adj.) plenary

not subject to any limitation, unrestricted

(n.) surveillance

a watch kept over a person, scrutiny

(adj.) sylvan

characteristics of forests, acadian

(adj.) testy

easily irritated, irritable

(n.) travesty

a grotesque or grossly inferior imitation, parody

(v.) travesty

to ridicule by imitating in a broad or burlesque fashion

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