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Battle of Verdun, Battle of Jutland, and Gallipoli

food, fuel, other goods
by 1916, Germany suffered shortages of..
what does u-boat stand for?
a submarine blockade of British isles
what did Germany declare in February of 1915
to restrict its submarine warfare
after President Wilson protests, what does Germany agree to?
May 7, 1915
date of the sinking of the Lusitania
Ench von Falkenhayn
German general who developed a battle plan for attacking Verdun, a city protected by a ring of underground forts
Woodrow Wilson
U.S. president during World War I
William Jennings Brown
U.S. secretary of state who resigned because was not happy with how Wilson handled the crisis of the Lusitania
William Turner
captain of the Lusitania
John Brown
builder of the Lusitania
captain of U-20, which sunk the Lusitania
Prize Rules of Warfare
rules that let all passengers off before captain gets off
the strength and fortitude of French army and the solidarity of the nation
what did the Battle of Verdun symbolize?
kill as many French soldiers as possible
what was the German strategy for the Battle of Verdun?
many Germans will die too
what was the problem with the German strategy for the Battle of Verdun?
where British rifle fire shot the advancing German lines to pieces on August 21, 1914
Le Cateau
where British staged another successful rearguard action, five days after Mons
Battle of the Marne
a number of battles fought on a front of 249 kilometres by nearly two million men between France and Britain and Germany
where Germans were stopped when trying to break through down the Belgian coast
Tannenberg and Masurian Lakes
where Germans destroyed two Russian armies
where a disaster occurred which followed Enver's invasion of the caucasus
a place in Chile where Admiral Craddock's Far Eastern Squadron was destroyed on November 1, 1914
Falkland Islands
where Sturdee's ship were coaling on December 7th, 1914 when Von Spee arrived to attack the base
where British won in March and gained a few square kilometres of land
Battle which sent many young men to their deaths
place around where the fortresses were which Germans attempted to capture on February 21
where British commander, General Haig, had hoped to attack so he trained a new volunteer army
city in Greece; one of spots suggested for an invasion by the allies; another expedition in October 1915
city in Turkey; suggested for an invasion
New Zealanders
peninsula where an allied army containing many Australians and Anzacs landed on April 25, 1915
Suvla Bay
where a second landing was made in August
peninsula where two squadrons made contact
over how many men wounded at Battle of Verdun?
Battle of Jutland
considered only major naval battle of World War I
May 31st-June 1st 1916
date of Battle of Jutland
Hipper, Sheer
German Admirals at Battle of Jutland
Beatty, Jellicoe
British Admirals at Battle of Jutland
Grand Fleet
what did the British call their fleet at Battle of Jutland?
High Seas Fleet
what did the Germans call their fleet at Battle of Jutland?
Indefatigable, Queen Mary, Invincible
three British battle cruisers sunk at the Battle of Jutland
Scarborough, Whitby, Hartlepool
3 fishing villages that the Germans struck in December of 1914, preceding the Battle of Jutland
type of British ship disguised as a defenseless merchant ship
primitive sonar
detects U-boats
led Britain's small fleet at Battle of Jutland
led Britain's big fleet at Battle of Jutland; crossed the T
led Germany's small fleet at Battle of Jutland
led Germany's big fleet at Battle of Jutland
Fort Douaumont
Verdun's main outpost
Ferdinand Foch
took over as French commander during Battle of Verdun; "apostle of defense"
deadly gas used by Germans during Battle of Verdun
Otto Liman von Sanders
replaced von Falkanhayn as chief of the general staff of Germany during Battle of Verdun
Maginot Line
new kind of fort built by French during Battle of Verdun
original commander of French army
open up straits of Dardanelles and capture Constantinople
goal of Gallipoli Campaign
First Lord of the Admiralty
January 9th, 1916
date the Allies withdrew from Gallipoli area