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Exam 70-680

What is the sharing method that places all the shared folders in a single location?

Public folder sharing.

Which type of sharing is new to Windows 7?

Homegroup sharing.

By default, what type of access is given to all users who join a homegroup?


What virtualized folders enable users to access files from different locations as if they were all in the same place?


What do you need to do to activate Public folder sharing?

Enable Network Discovery and Public Folder Sharing in the Network and Sharing Center.

How do you share a folder so that it is invisible to users browsing the network?

Add a dollar sign ($) to the share name.

Which permission is the minimum that allows you to add files to a Shared folder?


You have a PC named PC1. You have a c:\Data folder that is shared as Data. You log on directly to PC1 and access the c:\Data folder using Windows Explorer. Which permission apply?

NTFS permissions combined with Share Permissions as most restrictive.

What do you call a device driver that converts the print jobs generated by applications into an appropriate string of commands for a specific print device?

Print driver.

What do you call the set of commands that a printer understands in order to print content?

Printer control language.

You want to configure the printers so that if an executive and an office worker print at the same time, the executive print job prints first. How do you do this?

Configure two print jobs and configure priorities.

What permission must a user have to print to a printer


You have a printer that is heavily used. You want to add a second printer and have users print to both printers as one. What do you need to do?

Create a printer pool.

What troubleshooting step involves prioritizing trouble tickets based on the severity of the problem

Establish the symptoms.

What troubleshooting step involves asking the user preliminary questions such as; What were you doing when the problem occurred?

Establish the symptoms.

In which troubleshooting step do you try to duplicate a network problem to logically and methodically eliminate elements that aren't the cause of the problem

Identify the affected area.

In which troubleshooting step is a trouble ticket created

Establish the symptoms.

Which step of the troubleshooting model involves identifying whether hardware or software has been recently installed or reconfigured

Establish what has changed.

Which step of the troubleshooting model involves replacing components until a faulty hardware device is identified

Implement a solution.

When you troubleshoot a network problem, it is possible to introduce another problem while attempting to fix the original problem. In which step of the troubleshooting process should you be aware of the residual effects that changes might have on the network

Recognize the potential effects of the solution.

In which troubleshooting step do you create a record of your activities and inform the user of what happened and why?

Document the solution.

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