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Air mass

a huge body of air that has similar temperature, humidity, and air pressure at any given height


a swirling center of low air pressure


A high-pressure center of dry air


the boundary where unlike air masses meet but do not mix

Jet Streams

bands of high speed winds above 10 kilometers above Earth's surface


cut off, as in a front where a warm air mass is caught between two cooler air masses


Warm air masses that form in tropics and have low air pressure


cold, high pressure air masses that form north of 50〫north latitude or south of 50〫latitude


humid air masses that form over oceans


drier air masses that form over land

Prevailing westerlies and jet streams

move air masses from west to east

West to east

Direction of air masses

Warm front

A warm air mass overtakes a cold air mass

Cold front

a cold air mass overtakes a warm air mass

Occluded front

a warm air mass is caught between two cooler masses

Stationary front

warm air mass and cold air mass meet "head on"

thunderstorms, shift in wind, lower temperature

Type of weather with a cold front

Precipitation, clouds, warm, humid

Type of weather with a warm front

Clouds, rain, snow

Type of weather with an occluded front

Clouds and precipitation

type of weather with a stationary front

rate= distance/time

Formula for rate


warm fronts have what kind of clouds?


cold fronts have what kind of clouds?


Is a cyclone low or high air pressure?


is an anticyclone low or high air pressure?


which direction do the winds in a cyclone move?


which direction do the winds in an anticyclone move?

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