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It states the purpose of the constitution
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The constitution contains ___ amendment27The population of each state determines the number of members in theHouse of RepresentativesThe term for a U.S. Senator6 yearsThe total number of congressmen in Washington, D.C.535 peopleAll revenue bills originate hereHouse of RepresentativesImpeachment charges are started hereHouse of RepresentativesWho can declare warCongressWho presides over the House of RepresentativesSpeaker of the houseWhy was the electoral college foundedBuffer between population and the selection of presidentWhich branch of government makes lawslegislativeThe Supreme Court has how many members9The current Chief Justice of the Supreme Court isJohn G. RobertsWhat is the "supreme law" of the landconstitutionHow long a term do Supreme Court justices servelifeWho was the first woman to be appointed to the Supreme CourtSandra Day O'ConnorWho approves appointment to the Supreme CourtsenateIt punishes do something that was not illegal when it was doneEx post facto lawType of law that punishes without a trailBill of AttainderA person had the right to appear in person, in courthabcus corpusThe name for a formal request to the Supreme Court to hear a caseWrit of certiorariHow does the legislative branch check the executive branchveto powerState the qualifications for the Supreme Court justiceNoneName given to the first ten amendmentsBill of rightsWhen the Supreme Court hears a case for the first time it is calledOriginal jurisdictionCases heard in the Supreme Court that have already been heard in a lower court are called appellate jurisdictionappellate jurisdictionWhat is treasonAiding or abiding the Enemy in time of warState legislatures used to electSenatorWhat fraction of each house in congress must vote favorably for a constitutional amendment to be proposed2/3Amendments can be ratified by legislatures of __ of the state3/4Is the secretary of the media a cabinet positionNoAn example of a government corporationU.S. Postal systemThis article tells how the constitution can be amendedArticle 5Where are presidential qualifications foundarticle 2The President's military titleCommander and Chieftreaties negotiated by the president must be ratified by the ...senate_________ has the power to admit new statescongressthis article tells how laws are made...article 1this person presides over the impeachment trial of the presidentchief justiceThis person appoints justices to the supreme courtPresidentthis article established the supreme courtarticle 3powers held by both Federal and State governments are calledconcurrentName one power held by both Federal and State governmentcollect taxesThis branch of government is responsible for maintaining the armylegislativeWhen does a person actually become presidentafter the oathThe power to coin money is a concurrent powerno just federalthis article list the "powers of Congress"Article 1a naturalized citizen cannot becomepresidenthow old must a candidate be to take office as president35congressmen cannot raise their own salaries during their current term based on which amendment27it abolished slavery13permits congress to tax individual incomes16gives residents f Washington, D.C. the right to vote23forbade the manufacture and sale of alcoholic beverages18moved the presidential inauguration day from March 4 to January 2020limited the president to two consecutive terms22powers not specifically given to the federal government are reserved to the states10Guarantees that a person cannot be tried twice foe the same crime5Denies state governments the power to keep citizens from voting by charging a poll tax24forbids a state to stop a person from voting because of rave or color15right to bear arms2prohibits the quartering of troops in the time of peace3safeguards against excessive bail , fines , and cruel and unusual punishment8Guarantees the rights not listed to the people and that government should not tamper with them9gives women the right to vote19tells what to do in case of Presidential disability25lowers the voting age to 1826provides for the election of President and Vice President on separate ballots12gives the people the right to elect the senators directly17protects against unreasonable search and arrest4gives citizenship to former slaves14States the, " you cannot sue a state in Federal court"11repeals the prohibition amendment21protects freedom of religion, speech, press, assembly, petition1Guarantees the right to a speedy trial with, if needed, a court-appointed lawyer6