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  1. issue of Poland
  2. Kennan's fundamental objectives of our foreign policy
  3. dean acheson
  4. george kennan
  5. iron curtain
  1. a the division between russia and the US after the division of germany
    -led to the us being completely shut out
  2. b 1) to protect the security of the nation without threats from foreign powers
    2) to advance the welfare of its people, by promoting the nation to make the maximum contributions to other nations and derive maximum benefits from the foreign country's resources and abilities
  3. c -Russia realized they needed Poland to cooperate to their government because they were a threat to their security
    -at the yalta conference it was decided that Poland would be allowed free elections
    -russia did not want to allow that to happen
  4. d -politician
    -father of containment
    -believed in particularism
    -wanted to ensure than no country could become dominant over another
  5. e designed marshall plan, truman doctrine, and NATO. Acheson recognized the negative impact if greece was lost from the marshall plan. this would lead to everything being controlled by Russia

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  1. soviets shot down american photgrapher
    america recoiled its trust
    american spy plane shot down
    soviet captured pilot
  2. -supported containment
    -pushed opposing side to the brink of war
    -pressured until surrendering
  3. the nations need to create a world to promote the well-being of the nations foundations
  4. if all countries would conform to the same structure of rules than all international conflicts would not exist (created the United Nations)
  5. -carried out the atomic bomb
    -president at the end of WWII
    -present at the Potsdam Conference

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  1. stalinstrenthened North atlantic area to provide military support and international peace/security


  2. berlin airlift-supported containment
    -pushed opposing side to the brink of war
    -pressured until surrendering


  3. hungarian revolthungarians standing up against destalinization
    hated communism
    wanted to be treated better
    US did not defend them


  4. Why is containment good?-creates independent nations
    -cost effective
    -empowered the nation to know it was self-sufficient
    -particularism was aimed at rebuilding economy


  5. containmentan effort to the expansion of communism