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  1. george kennan
  2. massive retaliation
  3. national interest
  4. brinkmanship
  5. Marshal Tito
  1. a -supported containment
    -pushed opposing side to the brink of war
    -pressured until surrendering
  2. b instant retaliation if there was ever an attack so the opposing side would know if they tried to attack, the US would fight back with as much if not more strength
  3. c the nations need to create a world to promote the well-being of the nations foundations
  4. d -prime minister of yugoslavia
    -after yugoslavia was invaded, the us defended them and saw his efforts
  5. e -politician
    -father of containment
    -believed in particularism
    -wanted to ensure than no country could become dominant over another

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  1. an effort to the expansion of communism
  2. an effort to infiltrate international widespread communism to gain world wide control
  3. if all countries would conform to the same structure of rules than all international conflicts would not exist (created the United Nations)
  4. -roosevelt, Clement Atlee, Stalin
    -Germany was the problem
    -It was decided that Germany needed to have a strong economy in order to sustain the US's current economy
    -Russia wanted to keep Germany weak though to make sure it didn't become a superpower
  5. provided economic aid to greece and turkey
    used to fight off communism

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  1. Yalta Conference 1945-roosevelt, churchill, stalin
    -decided the future of Russia
    -decided that Europe should be allowed to carry out their own government
    -free elections


  2. stalin-russian leader
    -wanted to keep russia strong, germany weak
    -hated capitalism
    -wanted international communism


  3. lend lease curtailmenttruman agreed to lend the allied nations with money to fight the Nazis. after the war, they would stop giving money. This meant that the Russians needed the reparations from the war.


  4. division of Germany-Russia realized they needed Poland to cooperate to their government because they were a threat to their security
    -at the yalta conference it was decided that Poland would be allowed free elections
    -russia did not want to allow that to happen


  5. Harry Truman-carried out the atomic bomb
    -president at the end of WWII
    -present at the Potsdam Conference


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