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Latter Prophets Midterm

Distinction between Major and Minor Prophets
length (long/short)
Distinction between Former and latter Prophets
Former=historical, non writing ; Latter= writing prophets
3 major prophets
Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel
Minor prophets in Hebrew Bible
Book of the 12
Elements of hebrew poetry
meter, parallelism
Types of parallelism in Hebrew poetry
Synonymous, Antithetical, Step
3 Prophets who preached to the North Kingdom- Israel
Amos, Hosea
Twin themes throughout the OT Prophets
Judgement and hope
The watchword of the prophets
Prophet whose family life illustrated his message
How did Hosea's relationship with his wife illustrate his message?
The bride of YWHW unfaithful and adulterous
How did Hosea's children illustrate his message?
Jezreel= devastating defeat; Lo-ammi= no love; Lo-ruhamma= not my people
Central theme of Amos
A righteous God demands righteousness from those who worship him
Amos' Plumb line imagery
Israel doesn't meet God's standard
Anointed one
Proposed 2nd author for chapters 40-66
Proposed 3rd author for chapters 56-66
Concept of remnant
God's preserving a portion of ISrael through judgement
Prophet who developed the idea of a new covenant that involved individual responsibility
Alphabetic Acrostic
Alphabetic poems
OT book that is a series of alphabetic acrostics
Purpose of Ezekiel 4:9 bread
show how rations will be minimal in captivity
Persian ruler responsible for sending Jews back to palestine
Date for division of the UK-Israel
922 BC
Date for the fall of the NK- Israel
722 BC
Date for the fall of SK- Judah
587 BC
Date for the end of Babylon and beginning of return from exile
539 BC
Date for the completion of return from Exile & rededication of temple to Yahweh
515 BC
The tracing of god's deliverance activity
6 changes after the exile
New Name; New language; New lifestyle; New theology; New worship practices; New emphasis on traditions
Person who brought first group of Jews back to Palestine and started the temple rebuilding
Person responsible for rebuilding of the post-exilic temple
Person responsible fro the rebuilding of the walls of Jerusalem
Person responsible for the rebuilding of the religious structure of Judaism
Three foci of Ezra in post-exilic community
Study the law of the Lord, Practice it, and teach it
Focus of the book of Jonah
God cares for all people