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Nerve: Trigeminal and mandibular
Location: Temporal bone
Action: Elevates mandible


Nerve: Trigeminal and mandibular
Location: Zygomatic to mandible
Action: Chewing

Orbicularis Oris

Nerve: Facial nerve
Location: Around the mouth
Action: Open the mouth and close the mouth

Orbicularis Oculi

Nerve: Facial nerve
Location: Around the eye
Action: Open and close the eye

Inferior Rectus

Nerve: Oculomotor nerve
Location: inferior to the eyeball
Action: Look down

Medial Rectus

Nerve: Oculomotor nerve
Location: Inner part of the eye
Action: Move the eye inward

Superior Rectus

Nerve: Oculomotor nerve
Location: Above the eyeball
Action: Allow the eye to look up

Lateral Rectus

Nerve: Abducens nerve
Location: Outside portion of the eye
Action: Allow eye to look outward

Superior Oblique

Nerve: Trochlear Nerve
Location: Top of eyeball
Action: Move eye upward and rotate down

Inferior Oblique

Nerve: Oculomotor nerve
Location: Bottom of the eye
Action: Eye look down and rotate


Nerve: Hypoglossal nerve
Location: Tongue
Action: Move the tongue


Nerve: Accessory nerve
Location: Mastoid to the sternum
Action: Flex the neck and bend the neck


Nerve: Cervical, thoracic, and lumbar spinal nerves
Location: Intertwined in the spine
Action: Extends and rotates vertebral column

Levator Scapulae

Nerve: Cervical nerves, dorsal scapular*
Location: Posterior to scapula
Action: Elevate scapula

Pectoralis Minor

Nerve: Medial pectoralis nerve
Location: Chest
Action: Depress shoulder, downward rotate, elevate ribs

Rhomboid Major

Nerve: Dorsal scapular nerve
Location: Back near spinal cord
Action: Abducts scapula, performs rotation

Rhomboid Minor

Nerve: Dorsal scapular nerve
Location: Back near spinal cord and major
Action: Downward rotation of arm

Serratus Anterior

Nerve: Long thoracic nerve
Location: Interconnected in ribs
Action: Rotate scapula and protract shoulder


Nerve: Accessory nerve and cervial nerves
Location: Posterior near shoulder
Action: Rotate scapula, protract shoulder, extend neck


Nerve: suprascapular nerve
Location: Supraspinsous fossa of scapula
Action: Abduction to the shoulder


Nerve: Subscapular nerve
Location: Infraspinous fossa of scapula
Action: Lateral rotation of the shoulder

Teres Minor

Nerve: axillary nerve
Location: Back near the scapula
Action: Lateral rotation at the shoulder


Nerve: subscapular nerve
Location: below the scapula
Action: Medial rotation of the shoulder


Nerve: Axillary nerve
Location: Across shoulder (cap)
Action: Rotation and Abduction at arm

Pectoralis Major

Nerve: Pectoral nerves
Location: Chest
Action: Flexion, abduction, and rotation of the shoulder

Latissimus Dorsi

Nerve: Thoracodorsal nerve
Location: Back and sides
Action: Extension, adduction, and medial rotation of the arm

Triceps Brachii

Three parts: long head, medial head, and lateral head
Nerve: Radial nerve
Location: upper arm
Action: Extension of elbow

Biceps Brachii

Two parts: long head and short head
Nerve: Musculocutaneous nerve
Action: Flexion of elbow and shoulder; supination

Flexor Digitorum Profundus

Nerve: palmar nerve, ulnar nerve
Location: Hand and wrists
Action: Flexion at the phalanges

Extensor Digitorum

Nerve: Deep radial nerve
Location: Forearm
Action: Extension of fingers and wrist


Nerve: phrenic nerve
Location: abdomen
Action: compress and expand abdominopelvic cavity

Rectus Abdominis

Nerve: Intercostal nerves
Location: Medial portion of abdominals
Action: Depress ribs and flex vertebra

Transverse Abdominis

nerve: Intercostal, ilianguial nerves
Location: Abdominals
Action: Compress abdomen

Internal Oblique

Nerve: intercostal, ilihypogastric, and ilianginual nerves
Location: Outside center of the abdominals
Action: Depress ribs and flex and bend the spine

External Obliques

nerve: intercostal, ilihypo., and ilioin. nerves
Location: abdominals
Action: compress abs, bend spine

Gluteus Maximus

Nerve: Inferior glut. nerve
Location: Butt
Action: extension and rotation of hip

Gluteus Medius

Nerve: Superior glut. nerve
Location: Butt, below the Gluteus Maximum
Action: Adduction and medial rotation of the hip

Gluteus Minimus

Nerve: Superior glut. nerve
Location: Adduction and medial rotation of the hip

Tensor Fasciae Latae

Nerve: Gluteal nerve
Location: Gluteal region
Action: Support the knee and rotate the hip


Nerve: sacral nerves
Location: Along the glutes
Action: Rotation of the hip

Adductor Magnus

Nerve: Obturator and sciatic nerve
Location: along the femur
Action: Adduction of hip and rotation


Nerve: Femoral nerve
Location: Connects at ilium
Action: Flexion at hip

Psoas Major

Nerve: Lumbar Plexus
Location: Connects spinal column to ilium
Action: Flexion at hip or lumbar/invert.


Biceps Femoris, Semimembranous, Semitendonous


Rectus Femoris, Vastus Lateralis, Vastus Medialis, Vastus Intermedius

Biceps Femoris

Nerve: Sciatic nerve, common fib. branch
Location: Interior of the femur
Action: Flexion of knee, extension of the hip and rotation


Nerve: Sciatic
Location: Ishial Tuberosity
Action: Flexion at the knee


Nerve: Sciatic nerve
Location: Ishial Tuberosity
Action: External rotation of the hip

Rectus Femoris

Nerve: femoral nerve
Location: Tibial Tuberosity
Action: Flexion of the hip

Vastus Lateralis

Nerve: Femoral
Location: Tibial Tub.
Action: Extension of the knee

Vastus Medialis

Nerve: Sciatic
Location: Patella and femur
Actoin: Extension at the knee

Vastus Intermedius

Nerve: Femoral
Location: Patella and femur
Action: Extension at the knee


Nerve: Tibial nerve
Location: Back of leg (calf)
Action: Inversion of the foot and ankle inversion


Nerve: Sciatic nerve; tibial branch
Location: Near Gastroc.; wraps around
Action: Extension at the ankle

Tibilalis Anterior

Nerve: Deep Fibular
Location: Front of the Tibia
Action: Flex the ankle

Extensor Hallucis Longus

Nerve: Deep Fibular Nerve
Location: Along Tibia; pulls up toes
Action: Flexion at the hallux (great toe)

Flexor Digitorum

Nerve: Sciatic nerve; tibial branch
Action: Flexion of the toes

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