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Quiz 2

e publishing

The publication and distribution of a book initally or exclusively online


when books are digitally stored and, once ordered, instantly printed, bound, and shipped

religious in nature

most of the books carried to the New World by the American colonists were

stamp act

designed to help England recoup the money it lost waging the French and Indian War, the passage of the ______ in 1765 angered colonial printers, who correctly saw it as a limit on their right of free expression

linotype machine

introduced in 1884, it employs a typewriter-like keyboard, that allows mechanical rather than manual setting of type

Benjamin Franklin

the first true novel printed in the Colonies was Pamela, written by British author Samuel Richardson and published by

dime novels

in 1860, the Beadle brothers helped turn the book into a mass medium when they began selling popular action novels for 10 cents

pocket books

U.S. publisher Robert de Graff copied the success of similar books in England when he began producing inexpensive paperback reissues of books that had already become successful in hardback in 1939 when he founded his company

mass market paperbacks

books that are published first and only as paperbacks designed to appeal to a broad readership


unsold books that are returned to the publisher by a bookstore


of the 20,000 book publishing companies in the U.S. about _____ produce 4 or more titles a year

offset lithography

developed in the 1880s, it made possible printing from photographic plates rather than metal casts


the sale of a book, its contents, and its characters to filmmakers, paperback publishers, book clubs, and merchandise manufactures is called the sale of its ____ rights


possessing the ability to read but being unwilling to do so


about _____ new and reprinted book titles were issued in the U.S. in 2003

Harriet Beecher Stowe

the author of Uncle Tom's Cabin, a landmark book in the struggle to free the slaves

Ray Bradbury

Fahrenheit 451 was written by

magazine serial

Uncle Tom's Cabin was originally written as


the majority of books sold in the U.S. are sold

The Whole Booke of Psalms

the first book printed in the Colonies in 1644

compulsory education

the book industry was slow to develop after the Revolutionar War. Books were still expensive, and literacy remained a luxury. But in a movement that began before the Civil War, ______ came to most states by 1900, swelling the number of readers

Thomas Gilpin, James Ames

in 1830, 2 Americans perfected a wood-grinding machine that produced enough pulp daily to make 24 miles of paper, lowering the cost of printing


provide newspaper horoscopes, chess and bridge columns, editorial cartoons, and comics; groups that newspapers began consolidating into in response to radio and magazines challenge for advertisting dollars


newspapers actively engaging in the community in their reporting of important civic issues are said to engage in _____ journalism

60%; 25%

what % of a daily newspapers advertising space is given to local retail advertisting, and what % is given to classified advertising?

joint operating agreements

permits a failing paper to merge most aspects of its business with a successful local competitor, as long as their editorial and reporting operations remain separate

New York Sun

first published by Benjamin Day in 1833, the first penny paper was

New York Tribune

a penny paper by Horace Greeley that established the mass newspaper as a powerful medium of social action through its use of nonsensationalistic, issues-oriented, and humanitarian reporting

North Star

founded in 1847 by Frederick Douglass with the masthead slogan "Right is of no Sex-Truth is of no Color-God is the Father of us all, and we are all Brethren" was the most influential African-American newspaper before the Civil War

wire service

the first _____ was established in 1849 when 6 large New York papers, including the Sun, Herald, and Tribune, decided to pool efforts and share expenses in collecting news from foreign ships docking at the city's harbor

Chicago Defender

nationally distributed newspaper most responsible for encouraging the migration of southern black people to the industrial centers of the North just after the turn of the 20th century

yellow journalism

brand of journalism that uses light, sensationalistic news coverage, extensive use of illustrations, and circulation-building stunts and promotions to reach readers

56 million

approximately how many daily newspapers are sold each day in the U.S.?

pass-along readership

readers who neither subscribe to nor buy single copies of a magazine or paper but who borrow or read one


the press' guarantee of freedom, as well as all peoples right to free speech is set out in which amendment

Wall Street Journal

oldest national daily newspaper in the U.S.

USA Today

newest national daily newspaper in the U.S.

Andrew Hamilton

colonial newspaper publisher Peter Zenger was defended in his trial for seditious libel by


almost all metroplitan papers publish ____ editions to combat competition from the suburban papers

controlled circulation magazines

occurs when a magazine is provided at no cost to readers who meet some specific set of advertiser-attractive criteria. free airline and hotel magazines fit this category

industrial, company, and sponsored magazines

produced by companies specifically for their own employees, customers, and stockholders, or by clobs and associations specifically for their memebers

trade, professional, and business magazines

carry stories, features, and ads aimed at people in specific professions and are distributed either by the professional organizations themselves or by media companies like Whittle Communications and Time Warner

consumer magazines

magazines sold by subscription and at newsstands, bookstores, and other retail outlets like supermarkets, garden shops, and computer stores


coined by Theodore Roosevelt in the first decades of the 20th century to describe writers who agitated for change by targeting powerful political and industrial people and institutions


the first to cease publication in 1956 when the death of the mass circulation magazines began


the approximate number of magazines in operation in the U.S. today

split runs

special versions of a given issue of a magazine, in which editorial content and ads vary according to some specific demographic or regional grouping


ads that appear in magazines that take on the appearance of genuine editorial content


magazines price advertisting space according to their ____

Audit Bureau of Circulations

established in 1914 to provide reliability to a booming magazine industry playing loose with self-announced circulation figures

cable tv

type of tv that threatens magazines preeminence as a specialized advertising medium

complementary copy

magazine content placed near an ad that is designed to reinforce the advertisers message


first published in 1923, it was only 28 pages long, and presented the weeks news in review and was immediately popular, and was making a profit within a year of its birth


online magazines

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