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60% protein, structural protein, enzymes,lipid, sugar, nucleic acid

the cell is about ___ and spends a large amount of its energy making protein. These proteins can either be ___ or ___ which are used to make the other component of the cell. The other components are (3 of them).


the information on how to make proteins is stored in the ___.

adenine, guanine, cytosine, thymine

four bases of the DNA are:


the base pairs in the DNA are NOT covalently bonded with each other. They are attracted by forming alot of ____ bonds which are weaker than covalent bonds.

1953, watson, crick, franklin

The double stranded structure of DNA was worked out in the year of ___ by ___, ___, and ___

linear, macromolecule

information is stored in the DNA in the ___ arrangement of the nucleotide bases in one strand of the _____

900, gene

the amount of information needed to code for an average protein is about ___ nucleotide bases. This is called a ___


one gene is equal to one ___

1960, 3, codon

The genetic code was cracked in the year ___. ___ nucleotide bases code for 1 amino acid. These sets of bases coding for 1 amino acid is called a ____

300, 300,900

if the cell need to make a protein that is 300 amino acid long (size of average protein), then that information would be coded using ___ codons or ___ nucleotide bases.


size of average protein is ___ amino acid


when the cell gets ready to make a protein, the gene to make that protein is located and turned on. The information is first converted to ___. This is a usable form of information that can be ___ by the cell to assemble the proper amino acids.

dna, rna, protein

the order in which information is processed in the gene is ___ to ___ to ___.





rna polymerase, mRNA

transcription is carried out by an enzyme called ___. The RNA that is produced from the "gene" is called ____ because it contains the information or message to make the protein.

ribosome,codon,amino acid, molecule, transfer rna, peptide, protein, ribosome

Translation is carried out by a ___ which reads the mRNA one ___ at a time from one end to the other. As each codon is read, the proper ____ is brought close to the ribosome. Special carrier ___ are used to bring in the amino acid. These carriers are also made out of RNA and are called ____. as the proper amino acids are brought into position, ___ bonds are formed between amino acids and the new ____ grows as it is assembled by the ____

mrna,trna, rrna

There are 3 types of RNA involved with the making of a protein: ___,___,__. These RNA's traslate information found in the DNA gene to make a functional protein

rna found in the ribosome

what is an rRna?

atp, photosynthesis

energy for reactions in the dna comes from ___ produced during catabolic reaction or ___

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