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mary woltstonecraft

born in 1759 and died in 1797 she was a anglo-irish feminist intellectual and writer

edward john wollstoncraft

mary's father: who bullies his wife

elizabeth dixon

mary's mother : mary's father bullied her and died in 1780


mary helped her escape a miserable marriage by hiding from her brutal husband until a leagal separation was arranged


mary settled in george street, london determined to take up a literary career.


mary became a translator and literary advisor to joseph johnson, the publisher of radical texts.


mary became a regular contributor of articles and reviews


she produced her vindication of the rights of man, the first response to edmund burke's reflections on the revolution in france .


mary published her Vindication on the rights of women, and important work which, advocating equility of the sexes and the main doctrine of the later women's movement made her both famous and in famous in her own time


Mary set out for paris


Maria, or the wrongs of women, published unfinished in paris

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