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  1. doggedly
  2. stupor
  3. vindicate
  4. graphically
  5. Assimilationism
  1. a verb
    to clear of wrongdoing
  2. b adv
    vividly, powerfully
  3. c noun
    the oricess of a minoirity group being absorbed into the majority culture
  4. d adv
  5. e noun
    a dazed condition

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  1. adv
  2. noun
    the tone or accent of a persons voice
  3. adv
    with much resentment
  4. adj
    charachteristic of a mood of angry withdrawal
  5. adv
    in a pleading manner

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  1. disheveledadv


  2. duskyadj


  3. exasperatedadj
    mussed up - disorderly


  4. insinuatinglyadv
    said or done in an indirect manner


  5. unobtrusivelyadv