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Apostolic Succession
Uninterrupted passing on of apostolic preaching and authority from the Apostles directly to all the bishops. It is accomplished through the laying on of hands when a bishop is ordained in the Sacrament of Holy Orders as instituted by Chris. The office of bishop is permanent, because at ordination a bishop is marked with an indelible, sacred character.
a deceased catholics having been publicly and officially proclaimed a saint
Canon of Scripture
The official list of books of the Bible officially recognized as sacred, inspired writings
Adjective indicating a religious order whose members rarely leave the monastery or convent that is their home.
Deposit of Faith
The heritage of faith contained in Sacred Scripture and Tradition. It has been handed on from the time of the Apostles. The Magisterium takes from it all that it teaches as revealed truth.
the movement to restore unity among all Christian Churches, and ultimately of all the people throughout the "whole wide world" (literal meaning of the word)
based on the word for "good news" in general anyone who actively works to spread thje Gospel of Jesus; more commonly and specifically, the persons traditionally reconized as authors of the four Gospels: Matthew, Mark, Luke, & John
ex cathedra
A Latin phrase that means "from the chair"
Someone who is not Jewish
THis means that the Pope's statements are true and without error when "he proclaims by a definitive act a doctrine pertaining to faith or morals"
Written by human beings with the guidentce of the Holy Spirit to teach without error those truths necessary for our salvation
interreligious Dialogue
The Church's efforts to build relations with other world religions, such as Judaism and Islam
The official authoritative teaching voice of the Church
People who suffer death because of their beliefs. The Church has canonized many martyrs as saints.
Writings that are not part of a canon
The ancient fathers of the Jewish people, whose stories are recounted in the Book of Genesis
God's self-disclosure to us. Self-disclosure means God reveals himself and the divine plan of salvation
Ordinary people who lived in the midst of difficulties, uncertainly, and suffering. Despite these circumstances, they made extraordinary choices to put their faith into action
salvation history
The pattern of specific events in human history that reveal God's presence and saving actions
To make holy
Sanctifying Grace
A supernatural gift of God by which our sins are forgiven, we are made holy, and our friendship with God is restored
This adjective (from the latin super, meaning "above," and natura, meaning "nature") is predicated on a phenomenon that is completely above the laws of nature: the supernatural is beyond the powers of creation and is the result of God's gratuitous action (see CCC, 1998)
Literally, "the study of God";the academic discipline and effort to understand, interpret, and order our experiences of God and Christian faith
This word ( from the Latin, meaning "to hand on") refers to the process of passing on the Gospel message. Tradition, which began with the oral communication of the Gospel by the Apostles, was written down in the Scriptures, is handed down and lived out in the life of the Church, and is interpreted by the Magisterium under the guidance of the Holy Spirit.
A calling from God to fulfill a particular purpose or mission in life