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different examples for work are

you work on science problems.
you got to work
your toaster oven doesnt work
raking out the tash is too much work

work is done only when a ____causes a change in the position or motion of an object in the direction of the applied force.


____is calculated by multiplying the ____ by the ______ over which the force was applied.

work, force, distance

the unit of work and energy was named in honor of the english physicist ____ _____ ____

James Prescott Joule

because work is calculated as ____times ____it is measured in units of newtons times meters, N•m

force, distance

A Nm can be converted into a_____.


a _____is also equivalent to: 1kg•m2/s2


the quantity that measures work in relation to time is _____


power is the ____ at which ___is done

rate, work

write the equation for power in word form:

power equals work divided by time

give the symbolic formula for power:


write the equation for work in word form

work equals force times distance

give the symbolic formula for work


whats equal to the total number of lawns mowed


whats equal to the rate of mowing


the SI unit of power is the


a ___is the amount of power required to do 1 joule of work in 1 second


work is done only when ____causes a change in the position or the motion of an object in the direction of the applied force.




Symbolic formula for power


units for power


A Watt is equal to a _____.



one joule of work performed in one second


equals one Newton-meter


amount of work performed over time


force times distance

Simple Machine

an unpowered mechanical device

mechanical advantage

quantity that measures how much a machine multiplies force or distance

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