Chapter 15 Database Administration

Computer Information Systems DBMS
A ____ is a named collection of database access privileges that authorize a user to connect to the database and use the database system resources.
The ____ administrator is responsible for strategic planning
A(n) ____ backup produces a complete copy of the entire database.
____ management defines procedures to protect and guarantee database security and integrity.
A ____ is a named collection of settings that control how much of the database resource a given user can use.
The DA's job typically has a strong ____ orientation with company-wide scope.
deliver the data necessary for tactical decisions and planning
At the level of middle management, the database must be able to ____.
to support managerial decision making
Whatever the type of organization, the database's predominant role is ____.
The ____ administrator is responsible for providing a global and comprehensive administrative strategy for all of the organization's data.
security officer
The database ____ is responsible for ensuring database security and integrity.
____ are more detailed and specific than policies and describe the minimum requirements of a given DBA activity.
establish DBMS performance goals
To carry out the performance-monitoring and tuning tasks, the DBA must first ____.
In the data-information decision making cycle, decision making triggers ____.
When introducing a database into an organization, a(n) ____ impact is likely because the database approach creates a more controlled and structured information flow.
systems administrator
The general coordinator of all DBAs is sometimes known as the ____.
control and planning
As a manager, the DBA must concentrate on the ____ dimensions of the database administration function.
There are no records in the form of SQL scripts to document the creation of the database.
What is a disadvantage of using a graphical tool such as the Oracle Configuration Assistant to create a database?
The database ____ must provide testing and evaluation services for all the database and end user applications.
access plan
A(n) ____ is a set of instructions generated at application completion time that predetermines how the application will access the database at run time.
____ management includes all DBA activities designed to secure data availability following a physical disaster or a database integrity failure.
____ is the process that "listens to" and processes the end-user connection requests over the network.
Instructions to create a password are an example of a ____.
The person responsible for the control of the centralized and shared database is the database ____.
"All users must have passwords" is an example of a ____.
What is the output of the IE process?
____ are written instructions that describe a series of steps to be followed during the performance of a given activity
The ____ rationale is simple: business data types tend to remain fairly stable and do not change much during their existence.
Using the Oracle Database Configuration Assistant, it is simple to create a database. The DBA uses a ____ interface to answer a series of questions to establish the parameters for the database to be created.
____-end CASE tools provide support for the coding and implementation phases.
Although no current standard exists, it is common practice to define the DBA function by dividing the DBA operations according to the ____ phases.
The DBA's ____ role covers activities involving the use of the DBMS
The DBA's ____ role is focused on personnel management and on interactions with the end user community
User access
____ management is designed to limit access to the database.
In the old, decentralized world of the file system, the ____ department's task was to pool all computer resources to support all departments at the operational level.
____ security breaches include database access by computer viruses and by hackers whose actions are designed to destroy or alter data
____-end CASE tools provide support for the planning, analysis, and design phases.
A ____ is a uniquely identifiable object that allows a given person to log on to the database.
The data administrator (DA) usually reports directly to ____ management.
____ are general statements of direction or action that communicate and support DBA goals
There is a growing trend toward ____ in the data management function.
____ backups take place while the user is working on the database
The ____ administrator controls and supervises the DBMS.
audit log
Several DBMS packages contain features that allow the creation of a(n) ____, which automatically records a brief description of the database operations performed by all users.
electronic personnel badges
Some common physical security practices found in large database installations include: secured entrances, password-protected workstations, ____, closed-circuit video, and voice recognition technology.
provide access to external and internal data to identify growth opportunities and to chart the direction of such growth
At the level of top management, the database must be able to ____.
authorization management
User access management is a subset of ____.
A(n) ____ data dictionary is automatically updated by the DBMS with every database access.
Procedures and standards must be revised at least ____ to keep them up to date.