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(n.) - a person of local/restricted interests/outlook [lacking a sophistication, not having a lot of experience]


(adv.) - marked by impulsive vehemence/passion [intensely emotional, but impulsively so- out of the blue]


(n.) - characterized by profuse/wasteful expenditure, lavish


(adj.) - marked by or concerned about precise accordance with the details of codes or conventions of society [concerned about making every detail right]


(n.) - The act of placing two or more things side by side [they can be physical, although more often deals with abstract things like conversation]


(adj.) - Being or having the characteristics of a sleepwalker; sluggish [appears in a daze, zoned out]


(n.) - a trace, mark, or visible sign left by something {ex: a footprint}


(n.) - Increasing or restoring physical or mental tone [something that restores, refreshes, invigorates, makes you feel more energetic and alive]


(n.) - dreams


(v.) - To irritate OR to rub as to wear away: abrade {to rub the wrong way, to irritate- could be figuratively too}


- a character in the Roman novel, Satyricon. He is a freedman who though hard work and perseverance has attained power and wealth. He throws parties just like Gatsby (same rumors, extent of parties, ect...)
*Fun Fact: This was the title of the early Great Gatsby!


(n.) - Hotel/Inn


(adj.) - Being a grave or serious matter {foreshadowing significant events that are to come}


(adj.) - Showing or suggesting a nobility in feeling and generosity of mind

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