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Thomas Kilmann Conflict Mode Teen Issues Benton Community HS Family and Consumer Sciences Van Horne, IA


Believe it is hopeless to try to resolve conflicts


Seeks compromises by giving up part of their goals persuading others to do the same


Seek solutions in which both sides gain something


Believe it is easier to withdraw (physically and emotionally) from a conflict than to face it.

Teddy Bear

Desire to be accepted and liked by others


Willing to sacrifice part of their goals and relationships to find agreement for the common good


Not satisfied until tensions and negative feelings have been fully resolved


Seek to achieve own goals at all costs


View conflicts as problems to be solved and seek solutions to meet own goals and goals of others


Not satisfied until a solution achieves own goals and the other person's

Teddy Bear

Smooth over the conflict out of fear of harming the relationship


Overpower opponents by forcing them to accept their solution to the conflict


Avoid issues/situations causing conflict and people involved in conflict.


Not concerned with the needs of others

Teddy Bear

Relationship is of great importance; give up their goals to preserve the relationship

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