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___ and ___ are the dominant countries of Western Europe.

France and Germany

List the 3 Benelux countries.

1. Belgium
2. Netherland
3. Luxembourg

___ was a Germanic king who conquered most of the region in the late 700s.


The ___ was a period when many Christians broke away from the Catholic Church and started Protestant churches.


___ published 95 statements that criticized church practices.

Martin Luther

___ was a political system in which powerful lords owned most of the land. Lords gave some land to nobles in exchange for military service.


___ is the belief that people should be loyal to their nation, the people with whom they share land, culture, and history.


The French people rebelled against the monarch in the year 1789. This civil war is known as the ___.

French Revolution

List 2 causes of World War I.

1. Nationalism
2. Competition for colonies

List the four Allied Powers of World War II.

1. United States
2. France
3. Great Britain
4. Russia

List the three Allied countries that controlled West Germany and West Berlin after World War II.

1. Great Britain
2. France
3. US—democracy

___ was the country that was given control of East Germany and East Berlin at the end of World War II.

Communist Soviet Union

The ___ was built by the East Germans. It divided the city of Berlin and stopped East Berliners from escaping into West Berlin.

Berlin Wall

List four West European countries in which dairy farming and livestock are important to their economy.

1. Belgium
2. France
3. Netherlands
4. Switzerland

___ is the largest producer of agricultural products in Western Europe.


___ and ___ are the leading manufacturing countries of Western Europe because they have an abundance of coal and iron ore.

France and Germany

__ is the Western European country that is known for electronics.


___ is the Western European country that is known for electronics and scientific instruments.


___ is the Western European country that has a space program.


___ is the Western European country that uses nuclear power plants to produce 80% of its electricity.


___ is the only neutral country of Western Europe.


___ is known for its banking services.


___ is a major part of the French, Swiss, and Austrian economies.


Bach and Beethoven were from ___.


Mozart was from ___.


Claude Monet was an impressionist from ____.


The ___ was the Nazi program of mass murder of European Jews during World War II.


The ___ was a wall erected by East Germany in 1961 to cut the capital of Berlin in two, and later dismantled in 1989.

Berlin Wall

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