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cyanobacteria and fungi

Which organisms form lichens?

haplontic cycle

The kind of life cycle shared by fungi and some protists is the


which of the following organisms move about by pseudopodia

plasmodium vivax

most important human parasite among the sporoza and the cause of malaria


the kingdom _____ is characterized by having filaments called hyphae


_________ are organisms that break down dead organic matter in order to absorb the nutrient molecules.

a mycelium

a network of filaments composed a multi cellular structure called


the above ground portion of a mushroom is actually a fruiting body which specializes in


which of the following is not a fungi?


Animals that have no particular symmetry exhibit?


animals that have mesoderm but no body cavity


animals that have three layers of embryonic tissue with organs in a cavity that is completely lined with mesoderm are


coelomates that develop with the first embryonic opening becoming the mouth are


the stinging cells of nematocysts are characteristic of


which of these is NOT due to roundworm infection

have a mantle, visceral mass, and a foot

the mollusks look so different and yet they are classified together because they all


clams, snails, and octopuses belong to the phylum


which of these is a bivalve


earthworms are


the largest animal group both in number of species and number of individuals is the


which type of organism is characterized by having jointed appendages ability to molt and three pairs of appendages

bilateral symmetry

an organism whose mid line divides the organism into two equal right and left halves is said to have


animals without backbones are called

collar cells

flagellated cells that beat vigorously to generate the water current that passes through a sponge are called the


small groups of cells that break off from the parent sponge to form new sponges are called

cut them into pieces and throw them into the sea

the least efficient method of removing unwanted sponges from a swimming beach would be


the ability to regrow damaged or missing part is called


organ level organization and a sac body plan are characteristics of

visceral hump

the soft bodied in a typical mollusk that contains the internal organs is


the external skeleton of arthropods is made up of

an open system

the circulation in arthropods

book lungs

organs used by spiders for respiration are the


all of the following are stages in complete metamorphosis except


gametes that look exactly alike are called isogametes


a form of fungus that has no known sezual reproductive cycle is known as an imperfect fungus


sponges have only a cellular level of organization not tissue level


planaria contain both male and gemale reproductive structures in each individual


insects use the malpighian tubules to remove nitrogenous wastes


most animals are invertebrates


clams and sponges are filter feeders

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