Ch. 1 Vocab

18 terms by ashleytarver

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A universal taboo amongst family members; have sex with each other & conceive

Culture War

Where 2 or more factions in a society disagree on values- like masturbation for example


having just one spouse


something compareble between human and another animal


oral sex on the penis


another word for intercourse


from arrested development per psychoanalytic theory

Phallic Worship

reverse of the penis as a symbol of reproductive power


sex with non-humans


comes from the word meaning to arch or vault


a secondary wife


sexual satification through humiliation or hurt of others

Psychosexual Development

in psychlanalytic theory, where sexual feelings shift from one errogenous zone to another


of sexual love or desire


oral sex on the vagina


the sexual love of children


having 2 or more spouses

Defense Machanisms

in pycholanalytic theory, automatic processes that protect the ego from anxiety by disguising or ejecting unacceptable ideas & urges

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