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Someone who acts cruelly, without pity or compassion for others (Ex. Hitler was this, a bully on the playground)


Something that has been dug up from the ground (Ex. dinosaur bones, early human artifacts)


Something having to do with ancestors from long ago (Ex. ancestral items might be wedding rings, photo albums)


To build or create something (Ex. forge a tennis match, forge a relationship with your pets)


An idea or quality that gives form or shape to it or represents it in a physical way (Ex. an eagle embodies America, a red heart embodies love)


Artistic ability or quality (Ex. dancers have this, paintings and tapestry)


Long story, especially one that tells the history and legendary deeds of heroes (Ex. the bible stories, Twilight saga (4 books)


Done for relaxation and amusement (Ex. watching t.v. or reading a book)


Impresses with its grandeur or beauty (Ex. mountains, a beautiful ship, a castle in England)


What is expected to happen in a person's future (Ex. which college you will attend, which person you will marry)

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