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  1. A different created when elements are placed next to each other in a work of art.
  2. Dots or strokes which show motion and connect two point. Maybe vertical, horizontal or diagonal, curved, straight, zigzag, or show emotion.
  3. When one area in work of art stands out more than another. The part that catches your attention first and it can be any of the elements, color, line, etc.
  4. When between objects, also known as negative space.

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  1. RhythmShows an object in space, the mass or positive space it occupies. The term usually used when describing 3-D object.


  2. ValueWhen between objects, also known as negative space.


  3. VarietyThe use of different lines, shapes, and colors in a piece of work.


  4. UnityThe feeling of wholeness or the parts belonging together, which we accomplish by employing the elements and principles of art correctly.