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Great depression

Herbert Hoover
republican president who served from 1929-1933. He was president when the stock market crashed
practicing of making high risk investments in hopes of obtaining large profits
Black Tuesday
october 29 1929 when stock prices fell sharply
business cycle
periodic growth and contraction of the economy
Great Depression
period lasting from 1929 to 1941 in which the US economy faltered and unemployment soared
Hawley Smoot Tariff
protective import tax authorized by congress in 1930
bread line
line of people waiting for food hand outs from charities or public agencies
term used to describe makeshift shantytowns set up by homeless people during the great depression
tenant farmer
system in which a farmer paid rent to a landowner for use of the land
Dust Bowl
term used for the central and southern great plains during the 1930s when the region suffered from drought and dust storms
general term used for dust bowl refugees
process by which mexican americans were encouraged to return to mexico
policy relied on by hoover in the early years of the great depression whereby local and state governments act as primary agents of economic relief
Reconstruction Finance Corporation
federal agency set up by congress in 1932 to provide emergency government credit to banks railroads and other large buisnesses
trickle-down economics
economic theory that holds that money lent to banks and businesses will trickle down to consumers
Hoover Dam
dam on the colorado river that was built during the great depression
Bonus Army
group of WW1 veterans who marched on Washing dc in 1932 to demand early payment of a bonus promised to them by congress
Douglas MacArthur
general who dispersed protestors in the capital by ordering federal troops to fire on them with tear gas