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This stratum contains many layers of dead squamous cells.

Stratum Corneum

Melanin is produced only by ...


This layer is found only in thick skin....

Stratum Lucidum

The portion of hair that protrudes above the surface of the skin is the ....

Hair Shaft

Stretch marks develop on the abdomen of pregnant women because of stretching and rupture of the .....


The outer surface of the hair is called the...


Vitamin C is essential for normal collagen synthesis. If a child suffered from Vitamin C deficiency, which layer of the skin would be affected

Reticular Layer of the Dermis

Delicate unpigmented hairs that cover the fetus in early development are called ...

Lanugo Hairs

Which cells of the epidermis are part of the immune system....

Dendritic Cells

A yellow pigment derived from plants that can impart a yellow color to the skin is ....


The bluish tinge of skin due to a reduction in oxygen in the blood is called ...


Adipose tissue in the hypodermis ....

serves as a storage site for fat, which can be used for energy.

What is the dermal layer closest to the epidermis...

The Papillary Layer

The layer of the epidermis that undergoes mitosis and forms new epidermal cells is the ....

Stratum Basale

A genetic disease characterized by the inability to produce melanin is called ....


Fingerprints and footprints are produced by projections into the epidermis called ...


This epidermal stratum has several layers of cells held together by desmosomes.

Stratum Spinosum

What produces a layer of cells that resist abrasion....


What contains no blood vessels...

The Epidermis

..... glands are flask shaped with short ducts that usually open into a hair follicle and directly onto the skin.


The .... is the skin layer that has hair follicles and nail roots embedded in it....


The type of epidermal cells that are actively mitotic and replace superficial cells that are continually rubbed off are cells of the stratum ...


Active cell division in the .... allows the skin to regenerate quickly.


Sex pheromones are secreted from .... sweat glands.


Name the glands that produce their secretions by exocytosis....

Apocrine and Merocrine

The dermis is composed of the reticular and .... layers.


Name the two zones of the Dermis.

Papillary and Reticular Layers

The dermis is a connective tissue layer located ..... to the epidermis.


In the hair, the outermost layer of cells that overlap each other like shingles are called the ...


Two principle layers of the hair follicles are ...

an Epithelial and Connective Root Sheath

Keratinocytes exfoliate from the epidermal surface as tiny specs called ....


What is the feature of the skin that protects the body from UV damage ...

Melanin deposited into keratinocytes

What are the epidermal layers that contain Langerhans cells ...

Stratum Spinosum and Stratum Granulosum

Keratinocytes are the most numerous cells found in the ....


Guard hairs that guard the nostrils and ear canals are also called .....


The portion of the fingernail or toenail that is attached to the tip of the digit is called ...

Nail Body

The .... is also known as the cuticle. It overhangs the end of the nail.


Name the are of epidermis that covers the nail bed.

The Hyponychium

Name the structures that enhance sensitivity to texture by vibrating and stimulating sense organs called the lamellar corpuscles.

Friction Ridges

The hair types called ..... constitues about two thirds of the hair of women and one tenth of the hair of men.


List the areas of the body where hair does not grow ....

Palms and Soles

Individuals with hormone imbalances can exhibit excessive hairiness called ....


Loss of hair in specific areas of the scalp is called ....

Pattern Baldness

The hair goes into a resting period or ..... stage, when the papilla reaches the bulge.


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