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The peninsula between the Mediterranean and the Black Seas that is now occupied by most of Turkey; also called Asia Minor
An Assyrian king who told people to bring back writings and collected about 20,000 cuniform tablets were now found form him. Made a huge library in Nineveh
A city and it's nearby farmlands -- A political area that works together for a common goal
A human society with advanced level of development in social and political organization and in the arts and sciences
Code of law
A set of written rules for people to obey
To raise or tend an animal or plant to be the use to humans
A period of little rainfall in which it makes it difficult to grow crops
A group of territories and peoples brought together under one supreme leader
Forced removal of one's homeland; banned for life
Fertile Crescent
An area of rich soil in the Middle East, stretching from the Mediterranian Sea through Mesopotamia to the Persian Gulf
Flat land bordering water or lake
the study of earth and its people
A system for creating order and providing leadership. Laws and rules and maintaining order in an effort to promote the economy.
The ruler of the Babylonian empire from 1792 to 1750 B.C. and created the first legal code of laws.
A person who gathers food and hunts animals and moves when food gets scarce
To dig ditches to water your crops.
Fair treatment of people, in keeping with the law
The highest ranking leader of a group
The first human, the first human who left remains of her bones. She lived around 3.5 million years ago.
Mesolithic Age
The middle stone age, lasted from 10,000 B.C. to 6000 B.C. when we startedto control fire and develope language.
The land between two rivers, the Tigris and Euphrates rivers
To move from one place to another
(Homo Neanderthalensis) were a extinct species or subspecies ( Homo Sapiens) that lived in the middle Paleolithic Age
Neolithic Age
The new stone age lasted from 8000 to 3000 B.C. and is was the begining of weaving and pottery
Paleolithic Age
The old stone age 2.5 million - 8000 B.C. was known for the use of stone tools
Was created by the Sumerians in 6000 B.C.
the belief in more than one God
A subdivision of an empire or country
The worship of god,gods, or spirits
Royal Road
A road built for the empire which king Darius built and was 1,775 miles long.
the governor of a province in the ancient Persian Empire. Tax collectors
fine,fertile soil deposited by a river.
slash and burn
Cutting down vegetation then burning it to create fine soil to grow crops
social class
A group of people with the same parents jobs for example a warrior or farmer
An ancient region of southern Mesopotamia which rose around 3300 B.C. The first empire that ruled in Mesopotamia and is credited with inventing writing.
An extra of something.
the use of one's mind to create what is neaded.
A payment of money or goods by one ruler to another in order to ensure protection
3500 B.C.
An ancient Sumerian or Babylonian temple that rose in steplike levels and was used to observe the stars.It was like a city center
Why are there 20 provinces
The land was to big so king Darius had to brake the land up to be organized
Complex Village
A lot of people,homes,public buildings,religious center,education, and trade
What makes a Government?
King/Queen,Education,Warriors, People to rule,someone to enforce rules,legal laws,scribes,record keeping
growth of trade
Surpluses lead to the growth of trade because they had extra and they needed something else so they would trade
how did Darius unite an empire?
He built the Royal Road. He could transport his armies and collect taxes. he always expanded his empire with conquests.
6 big ideas
Government,Geography,Culture,Beleif Sytems, Science and Technology,Economics
5 traits of civilization
Advanced Technology,Advanced Cities,Record Keeping,Complex Institutions,Specialized workers
7 countries of Central America
Belize,Costa Rica,El Salvador,Guatamala,Hondouras,Nicuragua,Panama
4 types of homonids
Austrolopithecine,Homo Habilis,Homo Erectus,Homo Sapiens
5 themes of geography
Location,Place,Region,Movement,Human-Enviromental Interaction
Farming started
8000 B.C.E. to 5000 B.C.E.
Who were the Sumer?
They are the first civilization,which rose around 3300 B.C..They created bronze,the week,and writing(cuniform).The Sargon took over after.
Examples of traits
Advanced cities;Kish,Nippur,Ur.Specialized workers;preist,king,artisan.merchants, educators, investors Complex institutions;the temple,army,schools.Record keeping;writing cunieform, pictograph.Advanced technology;irrigation,bronze tools,cuniform,days of week.wheel and plow
Sumerian writing
What type of rule did Cyrus have?
A Babylonian king who conquered Jerusalem,and built the Hanging Gardens of Babylon
South America
Argentina,Bolivia,Brazil,Chile,Columbia,Ecuador,French Guiana,Guyana,Paraguay,Peru,Surinam,Uruguay,Venezuela
Hanging Gardens of Babylon
Built by king Nebuchadnezzar, a huge jungle tower.It is one of the seven wonders of the world.
They are the next group to take over the Fertile Crescent after the Sargon.Their king was king Ashurbanipal.They were defeated by the Medes and the Chaldeans.
The new Babylonians, their king was king Nebuchadnezzar.
The Assyrian king.He collected many writings and many of them were found.
Hammurabi's purpose of his code
He made laws so there is justice.
The first empire,aka the Akkadian empire.Hammurabi was their king.
six island nations
cuba, haita, dom. rep, jamaica, bahamas, trinidad and tobago.
Greatest basketball team
What important inventions came from mesopotamia
Wheel, plow, writing, law codes, irrigation, days of the week, 60 minutes, 60 seconds
Why was Cyrus better than Darius?
Darius was consumed with conquest and not focusing on keeping everyone happy by practicing tolerance
Persian Empire
extended from India to Greece and help introduce the ideas of organization and importance of toleration and roads
What is the world's largest desert
What is the largest river in Egypt?