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World War I (9th grade) Stations Part II

What was the name of the treaty signed by the Germans & Russians to end WWI on the Eastern front?
What were the four events in 1918 that sealed the fate of the Central Powers in WWI
1. Bulgaria surrenders 2. Turks ask for peace 3. Habsburg Empire collapsed 4. Kaiserwilliams II-- government collapse
When was the Armistice signed?
What did the Armistice do?
Stopped the war
Who were the "Big Four" ?
1. David Lloyd George (Britain) 2. Vittorio Orlanda (Italy) 3. Georges Clemenceav (France) 4. Woodrow Wilson (USA)
What were the four factors that they wanted to consider in creating the Treaty of Versailles?
1. Land 2. Reparations 3. League of Nations 4. Punishing Germany
What groups was created as a result of Woodrow WIlson's Fourteen Points & the Treaty of Versailles?
League of Nations
What were the three punishments that Germany had to face as a result of the Treaty of Versailles?
1. War guilt clause 2. Give up all colonies 3. Had to pay allies 33 billion for the war
What were the five "Legacy's" of the Great War/WWI?
1. Deformity is everywhere 2. Literature is influenced by WWI Vet 3. Germany has a huge debt to pay 4. Male population decreased 5. Land is completely destroyed
How many soldiers died during WWI?
8.5 million
How many died from the war in Germany?
1.8 Million
How many died from the war in Russia?
1.8 Million
How many died from the war in France
1.4 Million
How many died from the war in US?
Why do you think that the number of soldiers killed was much lower than the other countries?
They had better war strategies