51 terms

8th Social Studies Ch. 19

What is the name of the belief in the inherent superiority of a supposed Aryan race?
What is the name of the system of government in which the state plans and controls the economy and the needs of the whole are considered more important than those of the individual?
What is the name of a person granted absolute power?
What is the name of the system of government characterized by dictatorship. centralized control of private enterprise and repression of all opposition?
What is the name for a form of centralized government system in which a single party excercises absolute control over political economic, social and cultural life?
What is the name of the ideology and practices of the Nazy Party?
National Socialism
Who was the leader of the Soviet Union during World War II?
Josef Stalin
Who was the dictator of Italy during World War II?
Benito Mussolini
Who led Germany during World War II?
Adolf Hitler
Who was the Emperor of Japan during World War II?
Emperor Hirohito
What did Hitler do on September 1, 1939?
He invaded Poland
What was blitzkrieg?
the lightning war
Who declared war on Germany on September 3, 1939?
Britain and France
What happened in June 1940?
Italy invaded France
Who surrendered on June 22, 1940?
France surrendered
What began in July 1940?
Battle of Britain
How did the US first become involved with the war in March 1941?
Lend-lease enacted
What was the lend-lease policy?
it lended supplies to Britain (so that they could be returned by the end of the war)
What happened on December 7, 1941?
Japan bombed Pearl Harbor
What happened in July 1942?
Germany invaded the Soviet Union again
Who invaded Italy in August 1942?
Allied forces
What was the Normandy invasion?
Allied forces crossed the English Channel and landed on the French coastline
What happened on August 25, 1944, after fierce fighting?
Britain crossed the western border of Germany
When did allies move into Berlin?
April 1945
What happened on May 7, 1945?
Germany surrendered
Who drew many political cartoons of World War II?
Dr. Seuss
What was the type of advertisement used by the US government to encourage support for the war?
What happened to Japanese Americans after the US entered the war?
They were sent to internment camps
What happened to British children once the Battle of Britain began?
They were sent to farms out of the city for fear of bombs
After invading Manchuria, where else did Japan move into?
Why was this area desirable?
Natural Resources
Who was the only obstacle to Japanese ambitions in the Pacific?
United States
What happened in September 1940?
Japan joined the Axis Powers
Who made up the Axis Powers?
Italy, Germany, Japan
Who made up the Allies?
France, Great Britain, US
What did FDR do after Japan joined with the Axis Powers?
halted all trade with Japan
Who was the new Prime Minister of Japan?
Prime Minister Tojo
What did he favor?
Where did Japan attack in December 1941?
Pearl Harbor
What happened in June 1942?
Japan tried to take Midway Islands
Who won the Battle of Midway?
Where did American marines land in August 1942?
What did the American forces do in 1943 and 1944?
Island Hopped
What was island hopping?
cutting Japanese supply lines and capturing key islands
When did Allied forces land in the Phillipines?
October 1944
What did US invade in March 1945?
Iwo Jima
When did US invade Okinawa?
June 1945
What were kamikazes?
suicide bombers
Where was the first atomic bomb dropped?
Where did Truman order the second bomb be dropped?
When was the Japanese final surrender?
September 2, 1945