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Mythology 7 & 8

Why was Jason's journey significant?
Jason was the first hero in Europe who went on a great journey.
What was the origin of the Golden Fleece?
Hermes had sent a golden ram to save a young prince, Phrixus, from being sacrificed at the altar.
Later, Phrixus sacrificed the ram to Zeus and gave the Golden Fleece to King AEetes.
Why did Jason undertake the search for the Golden Fleece?
Jason was trying to regain the kingdom that had been taken from his father by a cousin.
The cousin agreed to give it back if Jason could bring him the Golden Fleece. Jason loved adventure, and set off in his ship, the Argo, to find the Fleece.
What were the Harpies, and what happened to them?
The Harpies were flying creatures who had a terrible smell. They were defiling the food of an old prophet. The sons of the North Wind, who were traveling with Jason, offered to kill them. Iris, the rainbow messenger of the gods, promised that they would do no more harm harm if they were allowed to live. The brothers agreed.
Name Jason's ship and at least one of the heroes who traveled with him.
His ship was the Argo. Among the travelers were Hercules, twins Castor and Pollux,
Orpheus, and Peleus, father of Achilles.
Who were the Amazons?
They were the daughters of Harmony and Ares. They were fierce warriors.
What task did Jason have to perform for King AEetes in order to get the Golden Fleece?
Jason yoked two fierce bulls together and used them to plow a field. Then he sowed dragon's teeth in the field. Next he killed the armed warriors who sprang up from the dragon's teeth.
Who helped Jason, and why?
Medea, the daughter of King AEetes did. She was a powerful magician and gave him charms to use. She did this because Cupid had made her fall in love with Jason.
Who is Bellerophon and Pegasus?
Bellerophon was son of the King Glaucus of Corinth and the grandson of death-cheating Sisyphus.
Bellerophon was sent on a mission to slay the Chimera, but in order to do this he had to have the Pegasus - a winged horse that was the son of Poseidon.
Which father and son used wings made by the father to escape from the Labyrinth, and were they succesful?
Pingro and Kinan, and they were not succesful