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APES Nitrogen Cycle

what does nitrogen make up in our body?
dna and protein
what 2 things form nitrous oxide, a greenhouse gas?
nitrogen and sunlight
the process from nitrogen gas in the air to ammonium in the soil is called what?
nitrogen fixation
the process from ammonium to nitrite and then nitrate
when nitrate is taken up by plant roots
if the nitrate isnt taken up by the plant roots, what does it do?
leach into the soil
after the nitrate is taken up by plants through assimilation, what happens?
cows eat the plants then poop the carbon out and the waste and dead cows goes back into the soil
the waste and dead cow material turns back to ammonium in the soil through what process?
after ammonification, it turns into _______ then through ______ turns back into nitrogen gas
nitrate; denitrification