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Projecting a Greater France SQ2; pg. 49-54

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May 6, 1931
Opening date of the French Colonial Exhibition
Bois de Vincennes; Paris
France's Colonial Exhibition opened at __________ in _____
4 years
Time it took to prepare the French Colonial Exhibition
110 hectares
Scale of the exhibition
President Gaston Doumergue
This guy was driven to the exhibition, escorted by a squadron of colonial cavalry in full dress uniform
The motorcade was accompanied by a ___ gun salute
Brazil, Belgium, Denmark, United States, Italy, Netherlands, and Portugal
These countries all sent exhibits to the French Colonial Exhibition
Prince Lanza di Scalea
Mussolini's minister of colonies. Praised the "Homeric Odyssey of the white race... transforming, barbaric continents into civilised regions."
Paul Reynaud
France's minister of colonies
economic exploitation, military glory, religious crusade
What three things did people use to project the empire? (essentially the three G's)
The Right
Fixated on the recovery of Alsace-Lorraine (annexed by Germany). Attacked colonialism as a "millstone"
Years of the Franco-Prussian war
The Left
Denounced colonialism as a diversion from the class struggle
vital psychological moment
WWI was seen as this
taxes and recruits
During the war, these two things created a close bond between French people and the colonies
The war cemented this kind of mentality
Algerian invasion; Tunisia
The Colonial Exhibition marked the 100th anniversary of ______ and the 50th anniversary of the annexation of ________
110 million
What was the population of France at this time? (time of the Exhibition)
Marshal Hubert Lyautey
Who was in charge of the Colonial Exhibition project?
white; en brosse
Lyautey's moustache was ____ and his hair cut __ _______
Wall Street Crash in 1929
The economic necessity of empire was reinforced by the impact of what?
excite the popular imagination, stress the economic necessity of empire, and project France's civilizing mission
The Exhibition had to do these three things
beginning; gilded statue of France
The triumphal arch of the French Colonial Exhibition was found at the ______, followed by a ____________
the high-point
The majestic reconstruction of the Cambodian temple of Angkor Wat was considered...
Entry to the Colonial Exhibition was restricted to what?
aquarium, zoo, fairground, belly dancers, snake charmers, and native musicians
Visitors could find all these things in the Exhibition
Number of colonial troops from West Africa killed in WWI
stamp collection
This was released to coincide with the opening of the Exhibition
postcards, photographs and prints
Widely disseminated to stimulate popular interest (3 things)
A monthly magazine that produced a special Exhibition edition
8 million
How many people passed through the turnstiles in the months following the opening of the Exhibition?
communists and surrealists
Two political groups who opposed the Exhibition
In the 1920s and 1930s, every classroom had a map marking out the empire in this color
Jean Renoir, Michel Bemheim, and Pierre Colombier
Famous French filmmakers who used the empire as a colorful backdrop
Juilan Duvivier
French filmmaker who made the famous film, Pépé-le-Moko
Year Pépé-le-Moko was released
Jean Gabin
Who played the gangster, sharp-suited Pépé?
Algiers casbah underworld
Pépé was king of what
Arab policeman Slimane
Who was Pépé's adversary in the movie?
noise and smell
These two elements of the casbah unhinge Pépé psychologically
How does Pépé's life end in the conclusion of the film?
labor for wages
According to the colonial authorities, work meant what?
How many forces labourers of the Ivory Coast were used to construct the Abidjan-Ferkessedegou railway line? (1921-1930)
How many forces labourers of the Ivory Coast were used in timber felling and plantation work?
How many were press-ganged into building the equatorial railway from Pointe Noire to Brazzaville? (1921-1932)
How many died from disease and undernourishment?
500; none
In Senegal, ___ Africans were involved in export-import in 1900. By 1930, there were ____
1/3; quadrupled
By 1939, ___ of exports went to the empire, whilst colonial investment had ______