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a cappella

(adj) without musical accompaniment (adv) in a style marked by the absence of instrumental accompaniment


(n) an elaborate vocal piece sung by a single voice as in an opera; a tune or melody


(n) the balanced, rhythmic flow or beat of poetry, oratory, dancing, or music


(n) a gradual increase, especially in the volume or intensity of sound in a musical passage


(n) harsh or disagreeable combination of sounds; discord; lack of agreement, consistency, or harmony; conflict


(n) the text of an opera or other dramatic musical work; a book containing this


(n) in a musical composition, a repeated significant phrase that identifies an idea or character; a recurring theme


(n) the musical interval of eight full tones; two notes, eight full tones aprat, that are sounded together; a tone that is eight full tones above or below another given tone


(n) an instrumental musical composition, as for the piano, usually consisting of three or four movements or parts, varying in key, mood, and tempo


(adj) in music, cut short crisply; disconnected; composed of short, sharp sounds or parts

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