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Shriveled, dried up


Thought about





Where does most of the story take place?

Nursing home and great grandma's room

Why did the reporters want to talk to Mrs.Breckenridge?

She live in 3 different centuries

A sentence in the story says,"Mom and I went in first and our eyes popped." What does that mean?

They were suprised

How did Megan change from the beginning of the story to the end of the story?

She became more interested in visiting her great grandmother.

What is theme of the story?

Not believe everything you hear.

When she was describing the events after the wreck of the Hindenburg, Mrs. Breckenridge said she looked at herself and thought she was wearing a lace dress. What does this mean?

Her dress was full of holes

What is the climax of the story?

When Megan's mother told Mrs.Breckenridger her stories were not true

Why did Mrs.Breckenridger lie to the tv reporter?

He was only interested in her stories

What is the most likely reason the author wrote this selection?

To entertain

Why is it important to the story that Megan's mom knows that Mrs. Breckenridge did not really experience the disasters she talks about?

It makes the story more interesting and exciting

The author used dialogue, having the characters talk to one another. What is a likely reason the author did this instead of describing what the characters did?

The author used dialogue because he wanted to make the story more interesting

What is one way Mrs. Breckenridge treated the tv reporter and the newspaper reporter alike?

One way Mrs.breckenridge treated them alike was she lied to them

Why is it important to the story that the reporters wanted to talk to Mrs. Breckenridge?

It was important because so you could hear her stories and know that she is was sneaky

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