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Something that completes or makes perfect;
The number or amount that makes up a whole.
To bring to completion or perfection.


Any of the more important parts of a whole.
Contributing to form a whole.


To call forth by magic, or as if by magic;
(with up) To bring to mind; to recall or evoke.


To give special attention to; to stress.
Special attention directed at something to give it importance.
Said or done with force.


Honor or respect shown publicly.


Without preparation.


Marked by richness of growth, especially of vegetation.


A mixture of often unrelated things.
A selection of music from various sources, played as one piece.


To require someone to do something for legal, social, or moral reasons.
To earn the gratitude of.
To do a favor for.


Drawing undeserved or inappropriate attention to oneself; showy.


Great skill or ability.


Of or relating to country life or people.
Lacking elegance or polish.
A country person, especially one thought of as simple or crude.


So slight as to be not easily seen or understood.
Able to understand fine shades of meaning.
Something so slight that only a cleaver or well-educated person can see it.


A person's employment; occupation.
Having to do with a person's career.


To sing in a melodious manner.

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