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  1. what is the development of the body form and organization?
  2. Are angiosperm vascular or non-vascular?
  3. What are the first vascular plants called?
  4. _________of _________ is a terrestrial adaptation
  1. a Pteridophytes
  2. b Alteration of generations
  3. c vascular
  4. d morphogenesis

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  1. naked seeds
  2. dicot
  3. dicot
  4. Sporophyte
  5. Haploid gametophyte

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  1. what are the vascular tissue of plants called?xylem and phloem


  2. What are lilies, grasses, orchids and palmsmonocots


  3. water molecules tug on each othercohesion


  4. which nutrients are needed in large quantitymacronutrients


  5. What is the specialized structure of an angiosperm for sexual reproduction?morphogenesis