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  1. What is the specialized structure of an angiosperm for sexual reproduction?
  2. water molecules adhering to the hydrophilic walls of the xylem cells?
  3. what is the integument + megasporangium + megaspore called?
  4. How do bryophytes fertilize?
  5. what are the vascular tissue of plants called?
  1. a flower
  2. b ovule
  3. c adhesion
  4. d swimming sperm
  5. e xylem and phloem

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  1. wind; animal
  2. A horizon
  3. epidermis
  4. vascular cambium
  5. pollen

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  1. what are the first flowering plants called?sclerechyma


  2. Monocots vs Dicots: Which has vascular bundles scattered?monocot


  3. Bryophytes are vascular or nonvascularnonvascular


  4. Are angiosperm vascular or non-vascular?vascular


  5. what is osmosis?less organic