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  1. what is in the B horizon?
  2. Monocots vs Dicots: netted veins
  3. A special adaptation for plant life on dry land that protects from drying
  4. what is osmosis?
  5. T/F: The plant kingdom is monophyletic
  1. a less organic
  2. b the diffusion of water from a high concentration to a low concentration
  3. c dicot
  4. d True
  5. e Waxy Cuticle

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  1. terminal bud
  2. archegonia
  3. support; dead
  4. Stomata
  5. sclerechyma

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  1. Do Bryophytes have a water transport system?NO


  2. what is the belt of suberin that blocks the passage of water and dissolved minerals called?Aquaporins


  3. what is the evaporation of water from a plant called?epidermis


  4. what kind of seed do gymnosperm have?male


  5. what part of the plant is aerialshoot