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  1. what is the function of collenchyma
  2. what are signals that indicate the appropriate location and development of cells?
  3. Ferns are an example of what?
  4. the male gametophyte
  5. what are the vascular tissue of plants called?
  1. a Pteridophytes
  2. b provide support and allow growth
  3. c Positional information
  4. d antheridia
  5. e xylem and phloem

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  1. homospory
  2. terminal bud
  3. pollen
  4. Aquaporins
  5. adhesion

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  1. Is used for transporting food (sugar)Xylem


  2. what produces tough, thick coveringparent material


  3. Mosses and liverworts are an example of ?Pteridophytes


  4. What are produced by the decay of seedless plants?coal and oil


  5. what is the protective coat of secondary plant body called?parenchyma