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  1. The growth of young shoots is called?
  2. the male gametophyte
  3. what tissue has photosynthesis and storage and support?
  4. Is used for transporting water
  5. Monocots vs Dicots: parallel leaves
  1. a antheridia
  2. b parenchyma
  3. c terminal bud
  4. d monocot
  5. e Xylem

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  1. dicot
  2. fruit
  3. pollen
  4. monocot
  5. Phloem

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  1. what are "typical" plant cells calledparenchyma


  2. what part of the plant is subterraneanroot


  3. terminal buds inhibit the growth of axillary budsfibers


  4. what contains the male gametophyte?antheridia


  5. Do Bryophytes have a water transport system?NO


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