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  1. What is it called when the male and female are on the same plant (one spore)?
  2. 4th category of plants
  3. Monocots vs Dicots: petals in 3x
  4. Are gymnosperm hetero or homo spory?
  5. Monocots vs Dicots: tap root
  1. a monocot
  2. b homospory
  3. c dicot
  4. d angiosperm
  5. e heterospory

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  1. male
  2. pattern formation
  3. pollen
  4. vascular
  5. lateral meristems

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  1. what is the belt of suberin that blocks the passage of water and dissolved minerals called?Casparian Strip


  2. what is the function of sclerechymasupport; dead


  3. water molecules adhering to the hydrophilic walls of the xylem cells?adhesion


  4. What is a thick filament of spores called?perform metabolic functions


  5. what is in the C horizon?less organic