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  1. What is a thick filament of spores called?
  2. Are gymnosperm vascular or non-vascular?
  3. Are angiosperm hetero or homo spory?
  4. The 1st category of plants
  5. what are the first flowering plants called?
  1. a Protonema
  2. b heterospory
  3. c vascular
  4. d Bryophytes
  5. e Angiosperm

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  1. transpiration
  2. Positional information
  3. parenchyma
  4. mycorrhizae
  5. hydrogen

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  1. How do bryophytes fertilize?swimming sperm


  2. what is an example of scelernchymafibers


  3. what are channels for the passage of water called?xylem and phloem


  4. what are unevenly thickened primary walls called?Angiosperm


  5. what is the development of specific structures in specific locations?morphogenesis