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OIA- lateral leg/sole of foot

O- Fibularis longus
head of fibula
I- Fibularis longus
medial cuneiform, 1st metatarsal
A- Fibularis longus
plantar flexes foot, everts foot
O- Fibularis Brevis
Shaft of fibula
I- Fibularis Brevis
5th metatarsal
A- Fibularis Brevis
plantar flexes foot, everts foot
O- Extensor digitorum brevis
I- Extensor Digitorum brevis
1st proximal phalanx base, extensor expansions
A- Extensor digitorum brevis
extends toes
O- Flexor digitroum brevis
calcaneal tuberosity
I- Flexor digitorum brevis
middle phalanges (2-4)
A- Flexor digitorum brevis
flexes toes
O-Abductor hallucis
calcaneal tuberosity
I- Abductor hallucis
1st proximal phalanx
A- Abductor hallucis
abducts big toe
O-Abductor digiti minimi
calcaneal tuberosity
I-Abductor digiti minimi
5th proximal phalanx
A- Abductor digiti minimi
abducts and flexes 5th toe
O-flexor acessorius
I- Flexor acessorius
flexor digitorum longus tendons
A- Flexor acessorius
straightens out oblique pull of flexor digitorum longus
O- Lumbricals
Flexor digitorum longus tendons
I- Lumbricals
extensor expansions
A- Lumbricals
flex metatarsals
extend phalanges
O- Flexor hallucis brevis
Lateral cuneiform, cuboid
I- Flexor hallucis brevis
1st proximal phalanx
A- Flexor hallucis brevis
flexes first toe
O- Adductor hallucis
metatarsal bases
I- Adductor hallucis
1st proximal phalanx
A- Adductor hallucis
adducts toe
O- Flexor digiti minimi brevis
5th metatarsal base
I- Flexor digiti minimi brevis brevis
5th proximal phalanx
A- Flexor digiti minimi brevis
flexes 5th toe
O- Plantar interossei
Metatarsals (3,4,5)
I- plantar interossei
extensor expansions
A- plantar interossei
abducts toes, flex metatarsals, extends phalanges